Community Manager & Player Support Specialist, Boom Beach

Finland, Helsinki
Full Time

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The Boom Beach team's goal is to build a game that players will love for years and years. As players ourselves, working on a game with millions of fellow players is both extremely exciting and challenging.

We are a small, dynamic and agile team with a strong focus on fun and long-term goals. It is a very collaborative and open environment with loads of independence, flexibility and trust - which allows us to push the game in really interesting directions.

We are looking for an experienced Community Manager, who also has strong experience dealing with Player Support, that shares our passion for Boom Beach. You have the ability to work independently without a lot of guidance and support; you see what needs to be done and you make it happen.

The Role

This role is a special ‘hybrid’ role, that requires you to focus equally on both Community Management and Player Support. Luckily these two roles were made for eachother, like Tanks and Medics! You are in the unique position to directly act upon both community issues, and those that players will face in their daily Booming.

As part of the Boom Beach team in Helsinki, your focus is to communicate with Boom Beach players around the globe. You are the face (and voice) of the game team and an advocate for our players within the team and the company. You will also be communicating directly with our external Player Support partners, and will be the direct link between player issues and the game team. 

You create daily content, engage with content creators and members of the community as well as external partners. You are involved with design discussions and the development of the game. You manage a team of external partners to make Supercell’s Player Support the best it can be, and achieve the goal of providing only the best support to our millions of players.


  • Communicate the team's vision to our players
  • Understand current trends within the community and provide the team with insights
  • Represent our players within the team and the rest of the company
  • Build strong relationships with content creators
  • Help shape the game's development and influence design decisions
  • Collaborate closely with other internal teams
  • Work with external partners
  • Become an expert for Boom Beach and our internal tools
  • Be a point-of-contact for escalations, content questions and ad-hoc decisions and requests for our regional outsourcing partners and our other offices
  • Use data to support the development of processes and policies for Boom Beach


  • Exceptional writing skills (native/near-native in English)
  • Being able to "read the room" and act accordingly
  • Comfortable on camera
  • Comfortable interacting with players online and face-to-face
  • Passion for Boom Beach (and mobile games in general) - either already a committed and long-term player of Boom Beach, or someone with the sincere desire to master the game through and through 
  • Experience addressing difficult situations within the community when required
  • Experience managing social media channels, xperience with social media management and business intelligence tools is a plus
  • Previous experience (2-3 years) in a customer support role
  • Team player with strong problem solving and conflict management skills
  • Empathic and culturally aware
  • Ability to travel occasionally (other Supercell offices and partners)

Why you will love it here

  • Independence and a lack of bureaucracy that clears the way for you to do the best work possible
  • Strong compensation and benefits
  • We create great teams and take very good care of them
  • You can put smiles on the faces of the tens of millions of people who play our games every single day
  • Travel to our offices in Seoul, San Francisco, Tokyo and Shanghai as well as annual company off-site meetings
  • Work with kind, humble teams that inspire

How to apply

Please submit the following documents in the form below:

  1. CV
  2. Cover letter
  3. Extra attachment: A previously unpublished blog post of a current hot topic in the Boom Beach community, that you would like to address.

About Supercell

Supercell aims to create games that millions of people will play for years or decades to come. We believe the best teams make the best games, and that's why we are looking for the best person for our team. If you love games and are passionate about playing and crafting them, and you're looking for a job that provides you ownership and independence, you're in the right place.

Supercell isn't an entertainment company, it isn't a start-up, and it isn't just any game company. Our focus sets us apart. Focus means saying no a lot. To release four games, we have killed fourteen. We've shut down marketing campaigns because they weren't perfect for our players, and we've scrapped a ton of game features that were simply too niche.

We also believe that focus means staying small. We hire only the most passionate doers and arm them with the trust and support to make the biggest impact possible. As part of a small, independent team at Supercell, you'll be free to dream and succeed (and sometimes fail) big!

This position is in Finland but you are not?

Luckily, moving to Finland is easier than you might think. No matter where you would be moving from, our dedicated people will help you from beginning to end. We’re here to make sure the process is as smooth as possible for you, your family and whoever and whatever you’re bringing along.