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Brawl Stars — Sep 1, 2022

BSC Partner Program - support teams by purchasing unique pins!

Today we are taking a big step for Brawl Stars Championship by introducing the BSC Partner Program!

While BSC is an open competition, we have been thrilled to see established esports organizations’ passion for Brawl esports. By partnering with esports orgs, we hope to create more opportunities for fans to support their favorite teams.

We are starting with a pilot program this year, partnering with 9 teams from around the world: AC Milan QLASH, NAVI, Obey Alliance, SK Gaming, STMN Esports, Team Queso, Tribe Gaming, Reply Totem, and ZETA DIVISION.

Starting today, you can purchase unique pins to show your support in-game! All of these pins are not Brawler specific, which means you can equip them in the Player Pins section in the game and use them with any Brawler. Check out the shop now!

Depending on how the partnered teams perform during the rest of the year, there will be additional items available, such as Player Icons and an exclusive skin!

Partnered teams do not gain any competitive advantages. All teams in Brawl Stars Championship must fight for their spots in the Monthly Finals and the World Finals.

We look forward to expanding the program and perks in 2023 and beyond!

BSC Partner Program is an exclusive program, but if any esports organizations are interested in learning more, fill out this form and send it our way! And don’t forget, our September Monthly Finals are coming up this weekend on our event site starting September 3rd. Don’t miss it!