YouTube Rewards

You have the chance to win IN-GAME REWARDS by watching your favorite YouTubers' and Supercell's select live streams with YouTube Rewards!

Here's how it works:

1. Connect to Supercell ID

First, you need to connect your game account to Supercell ID in the game Settings. Already have a Supercell ID? Great! Move on!

2. Tap 'Rewards'

Once you have Supercell ID connected in-game, head over to the live stream that has Rewards enabled and tap 'Rewards' found below the video.

Follow the instructions and connect your Supercell ID to your YouTube account. Please note that you have to be signed in to your YouTube account in order to activate Rewards. Certain information is shared between Supercell and YouTube when you connect the accounts and watch the streams. Supercell can access information about Supercell-related content you view on YouTube when the connected account icon is shown. Respectively, we need to provide your custom ID to YouTube.

You're all set once you see the 'Connected' icon below the live stream video.

You can disconnect your Supercell ID from your YouTube account by going to the connected accounts page or any live stream that's eligible for Rewards. Please note that if you disconnect your accounts, you will no longer be eligible for Rewards.

3. Watch the stream and you have a chance to win rewards!

That's it! Now kick back and watch the live stream that has Rewards enabled. We may give in-game rewards to all viewers watching the stream for a certain time or we may randomly select certain viewers to win rewards. Anyway, Rewards are only available for viewers who have linked their accounts and are watching the eligible streams.

Follow Supercell games on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see which live streams have Rewards enabled! In most cases the criteria for getting the rewards are announced in our blog, or in connection with the stream in question.

4. Check and collect your rewards later in the game!

Don't panic if you don't see rewards in-game immediately. The rewards will be distributed to your game account if you've won or if you are otherwise entitled to get the rewards. The rewards may take up to a day to appear. The streamers may also announce some of the rewards during the live stream.

Disclaimer / Important Information:

*In order to be eligible for Rewards, watch the Rewards enabled live stream on one of our selected creators' YouTube channels in the YouTube iOS/Android app or desktop version and have your Supercell ID connected to YouTube and the relevant Supercell game.

*The more detailed information related to each stream and the possibly available rewards, including the rules, participation period, rewards, eligibility criteria and other such matters, are determined by Supercell and informed to all participants in the blogs or otherwise.

*Participation and watching of the eligible streams is free of charge. You just need to watch select live streams on YouTube  with your device and have Supercell ID connected to Youtube. Your Supercell ID may only be linked with one of your own YouTube accounts. Please note that you need to watch the live stream during the given time period in order to be eligible for Rewards.

*The winners or other recipients of the rewards will be determined in accordance with the rules set by Supercell or the streamer. Supercell will confirm the winners or other recipients of the rewards and this decision by Supercell is final and binding. Supercell will place the rewards directly to the game accounts for which your Supercell ID is connected and display an in-game notification. No other notices are provided by Supercell.

*Supercell may cancel or suspend any stream or the related Rewards campaign or otherwise alter the rules if this is reasonably necessary, for example, due to technical problems, fraud or other such reasons not controlled by Supercell. Supercell may also disqualify any participant who is acting in violation of these instructions, the rules or the relevant policies of Supercell or in an inappropriate or disruptive manner.

* All rewards are personal and non-transferable and no substitutions of the rewards will be available (except that Supercell reserves the right to substitute a reward of equal or greater value for any reward). Each winner or recipient of the rewards is responsible for all taxes, customs and other public fees associated with the receipt and/or use of the reward.

*As with all Supercell games, you need to be 13 years of age or older to participate in Rewards. If you are between the ages of 13 and 17, you need to have your legal guardian to reviewed and agreed to your participation in Rewards.

*If you have any questions about these instructions or any of the matters related to YouTube Rewards, please contact us directly via Player Support.

* Supercell Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and other policies govern your use of the Supercell games and this includes also your participation in the Rewards. Please note that YouTube operates according to its own terms and policies which apply to your use of YouTube, including YouTube's processing of your information. See YouTube help for more information.