Data Scientist

United States, San Francisco
Full Time

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Do you actively question the orthodoxy, convention, and dogma held by your peers and/or the broader gaming industry? Are you tired of making decisions purely based on data with no intuition? Do you enjoy the challenge of a highly dynamic ecosystem and an unpredictable industry? If so, this is the team for you!

Like all analytics teams, we believe that extracting actionable insight from data is the bedrock of good decision-making ... where we differ is in two key beliefs. First, the best decisions rely not solely on data, but also on intuition grounded in years of knowledge and experience. Second, if we only do marketing that we can easily or cleanly measure, we will fail.

If you thrive in a culture of healthy debate and are just as comfortable standing up for your ideas as you are changing your mind in the face of compelling evidence, logic, or intuition, then we want to hear from you. If you enjoy flipping seamlessly between the strategic big picture and the nuts and bolts, then we want to hear from you.  If you can solve a Rubik’s cube with one hand while winning a Clash Royale match with the other, it’s not really relevant (but we still want to hear from you).

About the role

Food for thought: How might we measure the impact of placing a massive "Hog Rider" statue in Asia's largest underground mall? How would you decide whether we should show an ad in next year's Super Bowl? How should we think about the value of players who don't spend a cent, but contribute heavily to a game's community?

If tackling these kinds of questions gets you fired up, let's talk.

With over 100 million people playing our games every day, marketing at Supercell operates in uncharted territory, and analytics & data science are the compass. Always on the cutting edge of mobile advertising, marketers at Supercell experiment aggressively and adjust on the fly.  We collect data and nurture intuition and constantly balance between the two while making strategic recommendations and tactical optimizations to guide everything from massive global multi-channel marketing campaigns to agile hyper-local experiments.

Above all, data scientists at Supercell enjoy partnering with colleagues to answer critical and difficult questions. They only care about getting to the best POV, regardless of whether that requires a rigorous statistical model, a simplistic ad hoc approach, or more likely some combination of multiple lenses.  Our data scientists are not secluded Ivory Tower wizards, but collaborative problem-solvers.  The qualities we look for:

  • Collaborative: you enjoy working hand-in-hand with colleagues more than not
  • Strategic: you always have the strategic question in sight, and never get lost in the details or enamored with an inferior but intellectually more interesting approach
  • Storytelling: You are adept at weaving compelling, thoughtful narratives from data
  • Skeptical: you relish playing devil's advocate and being a professional, constructive skeptic
  • Fearless: you are unafraid of uncertainty, and don't get paralyzed when grappling with tricky questions or lack of good data
  • Adaptable: you are fully comfortable working in a team and industry that are constantly shifting and evolving

  • 5+ years of experience translating data to insight to recommendations
  • BS (MS/PhD Preferred) in quant discipline (e.g. Math/Hard Science, Stats, CS, EE, Econ)
  • Strong skills in SQL, R, and Python
  • Experience in time series analytics and machine learning models is a plus

  • Develop and evolve statistical models to guide measurement and optimization
  • Pilot new methods to measure brand new types of marketing efforts
  • Design and own marketing experiments in partnership with our Media team
  • Bridge the gap from data and analysis to critical business decisions
  • Provide a data-driven POV to balance our team intuition
  • Travel at your own discretion to our offices in Helsinki, Tokyo, Seoul and China
Why you'll love it here

  • Independence and lack of bureaucracy
  • Opportunity to work with a team of gaming veterans, art veterans, top talent and passionate gamers
  • Easy-going, enthusiastic, open and at the same time, a very results-driven culture
  • Great compensation and benefits.  We create great teams and take very good care of them
  • Put smiles on the faces of 100 million people who play our games every single day
  • Travel to our offices in Helsinki, Tokyo, Seoul and China as well as our company offsite meetings
  • Smartphone, tablet, laptop/workstation of your choice
  • Work on teams that inspire
About Supercell

Supercell aims to create games that millions of people will pay for years or decades to come. We believe the best people make the best games and that is who we are looking for. If you love games and are passionate about playing and crafting them, and you are looking for a job that provides you ownership and independence, this is the right place.

Supercell isn't an entertainment company, it isn't a start-up, and it isn't just any game company. our focus sets us apart.  Focus means saying to to a lot. To release four games we have killed fourteen.  We've shut down marketing campaigns because they weren't perfect for our players, and we've scrapped a ton of game features that were simply too niche.

We also believe that focus means staying small. We hire only the most passionate doers and arm them with the trust and support to make the biggest impact possible. As part of a small, independent team at Supercell, you'll be free to dream and succeed (and sometimes fail) big!