Game Designer, Boom Beach

Finland, Helsinki
Full Time

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The Boom Beach team is focused on creating the best possible experience for our players. We want them to feel passionate about the game and enjoy it for years to come. We’re dedicated players ourselves, so when it comes time to sit down and decide how to evolve Boom Beach, our discussions can get pretty intense! We are always kind to one another, but definitely stick to our guns.
The most important qualities for members of our team are independence and passion. You will own part of the game and be the only one responsible for making incredible things happen for the millions of players who log on to Boom Beach every day. No pressure!

About the role
We are looking for an experienced Game Designer who is self-motivated, goal-oriented and a strong team player. You take pride in your work, and know what it means to take responsibility and deliver quality-focused products. We work in a dynamic and agile environment – meaning we don’t have long development cycles but instead we release new features, events and improvements to the game multiple times a year. We don’t have strict processes that we need to follow but instead we create the process and deadlines independently as a team.
We offer you a chance to join a team of professionals, where we believe that talent feeds talent. We do not believe in bureaucracy, nor are there any solo artists at Supercell. We all work together to achieve the best results. All of us have a genuine chance to contribute to the final product. We believe in each other’s skills and value each other’s work. If these are values that you are passionate about, then you might just be the person we are looking for.
At Supercell there are very few people with the title “game designer”. This is because most of the design decisions are made as a group effort. Everyone in the team is responsible for delivering the best possible experience. So whether you're an artist, programmer or community manager, you can contribute to the design. 
While decisions are made like this, it's still important to have someone who has the overall vision and makes sure that every system in the game is tuned and plays well together with the rest. This person is the go-to whenever there is a question about a new feature, existing design or an event going on in the game.
We expect that you’d be leading and driving the following areas within the team:

  • Game economy and system design

  • Balancing the gameplay
Creating live-ops events

  • Contributing new design ideas and making the game more fun for millions of players around the world


  • Experience in designing and balancing game economies
Experience in design and management of complex game systems

  • Experience in balancing gameplay
Experience in operating and maintaining live games
Passion for games

Why you will love it here

  • A first-row view into one of the most successful game companies in the world
  • Opportunity to work with a team of gaming veterans, top talent, and passionate gamers
  • Put smiles on the faces of the 100 million people who play our games every single day

  • Competitive compensation and benefits. We create great teams and take very good care of them

  • Independence and a lack of bureaucracy that clears the way for you to do the best work possible

  • Opportunity to travel to our offices in Seoul, San Francisco, Tokyo and Shanghai as well as annual company off-site meetings

  • Work with kind, humble teams that inspire

About Supercell
Supercell aims to create games that millions of people will play for years or decades to come. We believe the best teams make the best games, and that’s who we’re looking for. If you love games and are passionate about playing and crafting them, and you’re looking for a job that provides you ownership and independence, you’re in the right place.
Supercell isn’t an entertainment company, it isn’t a start-up, and it isn’t just any game company. Our focus sets us apart. Focus means saying no a lot. To release four games, we have killed fourteen. We’ve shut down marketing campaigns because they weren’t perfect for our players, and we’ve scrapped a ton of game features that were simply too niche.
We also believe that focus means staying small. We hire only the most passionate doers and arm them with the trust and support to make the biggest impact possible. As part of a small, independent team at Supercell, you’ll be free to dream and succeed (and sometimes fail) big!