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Living in Shanghai

Welcome to the capital of games.

Could you see yourself living here?

China’s largest city is a modern metropolis with a historical heritage as stunning as its evening skyline.
Gaming Hub
With top game development talent, companies and infrastructure, Shanghai is defining the next chapter of gaming.
From esports stadiums to community park karaoke, mesmerizing markets, relaxing gardens and food from around the world – Shanghai as it all.
Photo: Julia Kivelä / Helsinki Marketing
Order whatever and whenever, and have it delivered to wherever you are.
Secret parks between skyscrapers and quirky restaurants in hidden alleys make Shanghai a joy to get lost in.
From so much to choose from, life in Shanghai can be whatever you make it to be.

Are you ready for the jump of a lifetime? Shanghai’s energy is infectious and its endless opportunities will dazzle you. Behind the bustle of business and world-class bars you will also find a safe, convenient and very livable city. If you’re moving from another city or country, we are here to help you with all things related to relocation.

Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon

Game Designer

"It wasn’t until I joined Supercell here in Shanghai that I realized how small the company really is, and how fast that makes us. We get things done together. It's a simple answer, because at Supercell the objectives are clear and the trust is absolute, so there is very little that gets in the way of making games.

Having been a part of a large organisation before, I was used to feeling anonymous, but here I felt genuinely welcomed and trusted from day one. What continues to impress me is the depth of talent in every team.

The best thing about Shanghai for me are the people – hands down some of the kindest people I’ve met."

Andrew Gordon

Fan Fang

Game Designer

"I was prepared to be joining a company where teams and individuals are granted lots of independence. However I was surprised by how flat the organization actually is. The small team size allows us to make quick decisions while trust allows us to experiment with confidence. For me, independence is the key: everyone gets to make decisions and we don’t need to worry about leadership breathing down our necks.

Having worked several years in Los Angeles, life in Shanghai feels easier. Our family enjoys the safety and convenience the city has to offer. You can get so much done by a few taps on your phone."

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