We Default to Trust

Supercell is made up of small, independent teams trusted to work together in pursuit of our dream: to create games for as many people as possible that are played for years and remembered forever. Each team has the freedom to pursue this dream as they see fit. It’s up to them to decide what is best for Supercell, and for our players. We trust each other, even when we disagree.

To make five games, we’ve killed over a dozen, like Smash Land and Rush Wars. In the end, only our game teams can make the decision to launch or shut down their project.

We encourage people to use their talents where they have the most impact. As well as helping us remain small, it means you may have the opportunity to work on a project you weren't originally hired for. Of course you'll always be consulted first and play an active part in the decision (and likely even moving your own desk).

Your colleagues will trust you to do what makes sense and what is right for Supercell.

What we believe in

  • Independence

    You decide how you can have the biggest impact, and then you do it.

  • Responsibility

    Own your project, collaborate and share. See an issue? Speak up. We’re all in this together.

  • Quality

    We do a few things, extremely well. There is no quality bar, there is only better.

  • Learning

    For us, quality comes from learning, and learning comes from failing. In order to learn faster, we fail faster.

  • Quality is Worth Killing For

    Game Artist Jonathan Dower sheds light on why and how we develop and kill game projects. “Supercell’s always been a serial-killer.”

  • Supercell’s Cell Structure

    “What if power was given to the people who actually make the games?” CEO Ilkka Paananen explains how our culture works.

  • Why Great Ideas Aren’t Enough

    Game Designer Touko Tahkokallio share’s his views and examples on Supercell’s game design principles. “Game development is like an adventure into the jungle.”