Why You Might Love It Here

If you love to think, talk, play and make games, Supercell is the place for you. We’ve built a company of proactive and independent teams with the freedom to do what they think is best for their players, our games and the company at large. When it comes to making the best possible games, we believe in the power of small.

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  • The Making of a Hero

    Clash of Clans

  • Making of Goblin Cage

    Clash Royale

  • Making of Giant Goblin

    Clash Royale

  • Camilla, Game Designer

    "What I enjoy about Supercell is being truly responsible for my work and putting out quality games together with a great team that also gives their best. I feel respected and trusted. The acknowledgement of the importance of work-life balance creates opportunities for fun times with really good colleagues."

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    Laura, LiveOps

    "I love that I get to work on the games that I love with some of the best, most thoughtful people I’ve ever worked with. At Supercell, we set a high bar for ourselves and the work that we do. Because we’re constantly pushing ourselves, we’re constantly learning which makes work very fulfilling to me."

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  • Stuart, Game Programmer

    "I like being able to decide what to work on with my team and then just do it without having to seek approval or permission from anyone else. Everyone in the company plays at least one of our games passionately. The best players of a certain game might work in marketing or finance instead of a game team."

    Brice, Character Artist

    "For me, it’s all about being self-driven. I get to organize my own work and calendar while never forgetting that my main goal is to help my team. I like working here because I don't feel any kind of pressure, even if we make big decisions everyday. There’s no “studio stress” – at least not the unhealthy kind."

Global Team

Our offices are home to individuals from over 30 nationalities. We believe in transparency, open communication and spending time with one another. While all teams have their own unique traits, it’s the underlying culture, shared values and love for games that keep us together.

Our Offices

Helsinki, Finland Game Studio & HQ
San Francisco, USA Marketing
Seoul, Korea Marketing
Shanghai, China Game Studio & Marketing

Open Positions

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