How we hire

We believe in fostering a culture of independence and trust. One way that we do this at Supercell is by staying small as it minimizes the amount of bureaucracy and processes while maximizing room for innovation. Our teams are nimble, experimenting with new features and failing smarter to maximize learning. We are constantly looking for proactive doers who strive in this environment to create the best games.

Our focus is on ensuring potential hires are a great fit. We also want to give you a clear understanding of what it would be like to work here. You’ll get to meet many people during the process and get interviewed across several different teams.

We truly appreciate you taking the step of, and time to, apply to work at Supercell. We hope this is the right opportunity for you!

Hiring process

Thanks for applying
We look forward to learning more about you, your work experience and your interest in working at Supercell. Once you’ve hit the submit button, sit back and relax. We’ll get back to you within the next two weeks.
Initial Screen or Interview
If we think there is potential for you to be a good fit, we’ll set up a call with you. During our chat, we’ll provide more information about the role and the interview process, as well as learn more about you!
We’ll get to know you as a person, learn about your skills and how you prefer to work. This is your chance to show us what you bring to the table, and get a better idea whether or not you would enjoy working here! You’ll meet people from different teams, with different backgrounds and get a closer look at daily life in a Supercell office.
Depending on what role you apply for, we’ll likely provide you a test to show us your skills. We want to set you up for success and give you the opportunity to impress us.
Final Interview
This is where you’ll meet someone from our leadership team. They are especially big on culture, how we organize ourselves and work with one another. The stage is yours!

Composition of our Typical live Game Team:

Game Programmer
Game artist
Server engineer
Game tester
Data scientist
Game champion
Community manager
Game designer

Anonymous tips from our recruiters

How do I know when is the last day to apply for an open position on the website?
You don’t and neither do we! Positions are open for as long as it takes to find the best person to fill the role. So if you see it here, it shouldn’t be too late to apply.
Can I send an open application?
We’ve decided to remove the possibility to send open applications through the website. We are doing our best to stay focused and doing so by keeping the teams small and growing the company steadily. Rest assured that the open positions on our website have been thoroughly considered before opening, and these are the roles we are looking to fill at this time. Keep coming back to our careers page to find a role that fits you! Or follow us on Linkedin on any news on open positions.
What kind of portfolio do you want to see?
We want to see a variety of examples and game assets: characters, buildings, props, icons, UI, your personal work and own concepts. We’re interested in seeing different art styles and especially something that is close to the art styles of our games. While final assets are cool, we definitely love gazing our eyes on WIP stuff, sketches and anything that shows your process!
What if I don’t have an online portfolio?
While we do enjoy the ease of hyperlinks, you can share your portfolio or any offline material as a file upload in the application form. If you simply don’t have an online portfolio yet, there are loads of free platforms where you can easily build up your own online portfolio if you don’t have your own website.
I don’t live in the country where this position is based. Can I still apply?
Yes, of course! We arrange travels for interviews to meet you in person and give the opportunity to visit the office and city you might find yourself living in. If you get hired and want to join Supercell, we’ll help with getting you and your family here.
What if I have questions about the position? Who can I contact?
We do our best to provide as much information as possible, both here on the website and in the job description. Once you’ve sent your application and received a confirmation email, hang tight! You’ll hear back from our recruiter soon. If you made it to the next step, they are happy to answer your questions.
Do you provide internships?
We do – every now and then! Keep your eyes open, and for the time being check out You might also fancy reading about the Level Up program.
Can I apply again in the future? If I get rejected now, when can I apply again?
You betcha! You wouldn’t be the first one of us. While the absolute number of times you apply doesn’t count, what matters is if you have the skills we are looking for the position.
Can I get feedback on why I wasn’t chosen?
We wish we could provide thorough feedbback to each person who is rejected, but by nature of our small size and microfocused recruiting team, we simply do not have the luxury of critiquing each person who applies.
Can I join you but still work remotely from my home country, I’m not able to relocate?
All of our positions require physically joining the team in the office they’re based in. However, some of our teams do work with freelancer artists.

Moving your life over to a new country can be daunting, but you won’t be doing it yourself! Our Relocation Team is here to help smooth the way for you and any loved ones who will be coming with you – be it family members or your beloved pets.

And if you do bring loved ones with you, we will also do our best to help them find their place in the new city as you settle into your new role. As well as offering language classes, yoga, and fun activities such as sushi-making, our spouse network is made up of locals and expats and is a great source of information and support.

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Before you start we'll send you a lite info package so you'll know what to expect during your first few days. You'll also be given a buddy (sometimes two!) who can show you the ropes and answer important questions, like where we eat lunch. Later, you'll join one of our monthly onboarding sessions where all our new hires from around the globe come to Helsinki to meet the teams. You'll have a chance to not only hear what each team does, but how they do it in the unique Supercell way. And before the week is done, we'll take your mugshot and happily add your photo to our Polaroid wall.