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Why does Supercell make investments?

Since Supercell was first founded back in 2010 our vision has been to build the very best teams in the world at making games, give them the resources and support they need, and then get out of their way. For a long time the only way we kept doing this was by hiring people to come and work with us here in Helsinki. At one point, however, we started to think how we could expand this concept.

That led us to a search for outstanding and ambitious dev teams – fully formed or nearly so – outside of Supercell, in any geographical location, that we trusted in. For many of these top teams, relocating isn’t feasible, and they may already have their own, strong company identity that they hold dear. We realised that, through investments we could give these teams the support and resources that they need, and we could do so without sacrificing their independence to choose what kind of games to make and how to make them.

We’ve been very lucky throughout our own history to have had investors who did a similar thing for us – from a range of VC’s and individuals in the early days to Softbank and more recently Tencent. Our success would not have been possible if our investors hadn’t believed in what we were trying to do and trusted us to deliver it independently, as one further step on our mission to make games for everyone, that are played for years and remembered forever.

What kind of studios do we invest in?

What we’re looking for are ambitious teams who share our passion and commitment for games – people who want to make truly great games that are played by millions of people for years to come, not just turn a quick profit. Moreover, we like to invest in teams who want to do more than just make a great game – teams who are committed to building a game studio and understand the various aspects that you need to master to operate a successful game studio.

Great games can come from anywhere and anyone, so we’re not looking for teams that look and sound exactly like us. So far we’ve invested in teams of many different backgrounds, sizes and locations; teams who have worked on a huge variety of games and platforms.

How does the relationship work?

We want to have long-term relationships with all of the teams we invest in. We’re not looking to ‘cash out’ as soon as possible, but rather to develop partnerships that will last for years and years.

Each relationship between Supercell and our investees is unique. The exact shape and scope of the relationship is down to the investees themselves. We invest in teams because we believe in them and in what they want to do. If their plans require tapping into Supercell’s strengths and areas of expertise then we’re happy to help, but the extent of our involvement is up to them. At the same time, our investees often have experience and skills that teams at Supercell don’t, so oftentimes the learning flows in both directions.

who are the investees?


New York, USA

Bunch brings people together through the games they love, when they are physically apart. It allows people to group video chat while playing their favorite multiplayer games with friends.


Helsinki, Finland

We believe in making video games that stand the test of time and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. And that leads to experiences that will be remembered and cherished for years.

Clockwork Labs

California, USA

We are creators of the BitCraft Online mobile MMO. Our purpose is to apply distributed systems theory to develop transformational blockchain-related platforms through real, meaningful engineering. We're just bringing it to a virtual game world to make it feel more real.

End Game Interactive

Seattle, USA

We make real-time multiplayer games. Our belief is that platform and hardware shouldn’t limit access to any form of social activity. We see a ubiquitous gaming future and hope to be making our games available on as many platforms and hardware as possible.

Future Run

Tampere, Finland

Future Run aims to redefine competitive gaming, drawing inspiration from legendary games of the past. Our experienced team is focused on real-time competitive games, combining solid core gameplay with strategic management.

Games for a Living

Barcelona, Spain

We are a seasoned team of industry experts committed to developing innovative games that captivate players endlessly with the latest technology.


Helsinki, Finland

Formerly known as Frogmind, we are a game technology platform company with a mission to empower everyone to become a game maker through simple, fun and free creation tools on mobile devices.


Berlin, Germany

Klang is an entertainment studio exploring the future of humanity through various forms of media. We aim to present deep, meaningful subjects in a way that's captivating, easy-to-digest, and entertaining for all ages.


Helsinki, Finland

Metacore is the game company where players are the closest thing to a boss. That means our dream is to make our players’ dreams come true.


London, UK

We are industry veterans building the next generation of crypto games.

Phantom Gamelabs

Helsinki, Finland

Phantom Gamelabs is a Finnish mobile game developer focused on multiplayer Action RPGs and Looter Shooter games. We are building the best working place for fellow developers with a curious and experimental mindset, wanting to do their best work yet.


Haifa, Israel

We are crafting the next-gen engine for player insights.

Ritz Deli Games

California, USA

We are small in origin, deep in experience, big on ambition.We make games for people that don't call themselves gamers yet still play games...all the time. Our goal is to feed the silly side of the soul, uniting collective smiles from everywhere under the banner of Fun.

Shipyard Games

Helsinki, Finland

We focus on location-based games to discover new and delightful ways to play. While we’ve released GoCity globally, we’re going full steam ahead with our projects in development.

Space Ape

London, UK

Our mission is to make the highest quality and most successful mobile games in the world. We are imaginative, inventive, and genre-defining in our pursuit!


London, UK

We founded Trailmix with the mission to combine great storytelling with the best in free-to-play mobile gaming and create a third space for our players through an empowering working environment.

Ultimate Studio

Melbourne, Australia

Our goal to create something truly remarkable and long lasting. We have a strong passion for mid-core/core action and racing games and plan to reach like minded gamers on every platform.

Wild Games

Stockholm, Sweden

We’re industry veterans who want to combine the accessibility of old games with the innovations of new games. With the right blend of depth, technical quality and absorbing visuals, we look to bring something new to mobile gamers.

2UP Games

Auckland, New Zealand

We make co-op mobile games that connect friends, family and strangers.

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