Game Studio and HQ

It’s a poorly kept secret that Supercell’s first office was a snug 35m2 room that had to fit 15 people, their laptops and a coffee-maker. Eventually the CEO moved his desk (a cardboard box at the time) out into the hallway to free up some space. In 2021, after outgrowing a number of locations around Helsinki, we opened our own, custom-designed office on the seafront, just south of the city center.

The Helsinki office is home to over 250 passionate professionals from various backgrounds and walks of life. Arounds two thirds of us are directly involved with making games. In addition to five live teams of roughly 10-25 people each, we have numerous new game teams at prototype stage working in pairs, trios and more. We mostly stick to speaking in English for work, but you’ll hear chatter in languages from all over the world around the office.

Every week starts with a company breakfast while on Fridays we get together for an all-hands gathering to share game updates and company news. This often gives way to refreshments, play sessions and casual conversations.

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  • Shanghai Game Studio & Marketing
  • San Francisco Game Studio & Marketing
  • Seoul Marketing
Shanghai Game Studio & Marketing

After the launch of Boom Beach in the Chinese market the time was right for us to open an office in China. Initially located in Beijing the team found a new home in the Jing’an district of Shanghai in order to be closer to our partners. The team has grown to become our second largest after Helsinki. In 2018, we took a big step as a company as Shanghai became the site for our first game studio outside Helsinki. The goal for our developers in Shanghai and in Helsinki is exactly the same: to create globally appealing games that are played for years and remembered forever. This is our opportunity to bring together the best of two different worlds.

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San Francisco Game Studio & Marketing

San Francisco was the first office we opened outside of Helsinki. Back when Hay Day and Clash of Clans were still in development it was time to prepare our global marketing efforts. With the Bay Area being home to major partners such as Facebook, Google and Twitter, and amazing talent, it was a natural home for our second office. The team spent a few years in shared startup spaces until moving into their permanent home in the heart of the Financial District sheltering 40 professionals from brand marketers to data scientists. In December 2021, we announced that we are setting up a new game development studio in North America with the dream of making games not expected from us.

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Seoul Marketing

South Korea is a long-standing hotspot for gaming culture, and our Seoul office was founded soon after San Francisco, back in 2013. Since then, it’s helped Supercell leave a lasting mark on the Korean gaming landscape, especially with the tremendous successes of Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars. Both of these games propelled us to become the most popular mobile game publisher in the country. Team Seoul’s work isn’t limited to South Korea – it also handles our presence in the Japanese market, and inspires creative efforts across our company.

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