Trouble in paradise

Come with a plan or leave in defeat! Welcome to Boom Beach, an epic combat strategy game where your brains and your troop’s brawn fight against the evil Blackguard. Attack bases to free enslaved islanders or create a task force with friends and other players to take on the enemy together, all while exploring and unlocking secrets of this beautiful archipelago. Scout, plan, then BOOM THE BEACH!

Constantly Evolving

Boom Beach is constantly evolving to offer more user-friendly, consistent, and fun online experiences for our players.

Global Launch
Friendly Battles
The First Mega Crab
Heroes & Tribes
Blackguard Base Builder

Team behind Boom Beach

Designing a battle this epic takes skill, imagination and some serious strategic planning. The Boom Beach team brought out the heavy artillery to create the world around this embattled island paradise. See how they did it and find out why the launch is only the beginning.

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What the press says

  • Touch Arcade April 7, 2014

    ”If you’ve played Clash of Clans, then Boom Beach is going to look pretty familiar to you. Players start out with a simple island base with the goal being to explore the surrounding areas and free the surrounding island natives from villainous servitude. You’ll free them by building and upgrading ships, namely a gunship and landing boats, that you’ll use to deploy landing parties and take out opposing headquarters. Freeing islands rewards both immediate and long term resources. In addition, islands are constantly being taken back, affording players an opportunity to retake and earn additional supplies.”

  • Pocket Gamer March 27, 2014

    ”Whether it's shelling a particularly troublesome flamethrower or healing your forces with an area-of-effect medikit, these direct actions make you feel in control, and not completely at the mercy of the game's AI.”

  • App Spy March 31, 2014

    ”When you're offline, other players can attack your island. While you cannot see battles as they play out, a replay function lets you discover holes in your defences, allowing you to patch them up afterwards. As the matchmaking pairs you with players of a similar rank, battles are extremely rewarding when you win, and educational when you lose.”


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