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Clash of Clans — Sep 16, 2019

Congrats ShenZhou & INTZ!

The results are in and millions of you have spoken! ShenZhou and INTZ will be competing on the world stage along with Tribe Gaming, Team Queso, Vatang, QueeN Walkers, MCES, and NOVA毛豆 at the first Clash of Clans World Finals in Hamburg, Germany! Here is a breakdown of where your votes fell in the poll:

ShenZhou - 52.66%
INTZ - 12.16%
Dark Looters - 11.19%
WHF - 7.29%
OneHive - 5.88%
Top of JAPAN - 4.71%
blaze JP - 4.30%
DK 2nd Brigade - 1.82%

The Clash of Clans World Finals will be the event where the very first world champion will be crowned. We could not be more excited to have ShenZhou and INTZ standing shoulder to shoulder with the 6 other Clans and battle for their share of the $1,000,000 prize pool. Thank you to everyone who cast their vote!

Get your tickets now and don’t miss this exciting opportunity to witness Clash history! We’ll see you in Hamburg! In the meantime, come join the discussion on the Forums or Reddit! Clash on!