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Clash of Clans — Apr 27, 2021

Monthly Pre-Qualifier FAQs

If the Clash Worlds ruleset is the ultimate guide to ALL things tournament, think of the FAQs as its sidekick! Below are answers to some questions you may have leading up to the very first Pre-Qualifier this May!

For more information, the updated Clash Worlds rulebook is currently available on the Clash of Clans Esports website.

Q: A clan of 15 can sign only one team of 5 players for the Pre-Qualifier?

A: Correct! Each clan in CWL Champion 1-3 can register 5 players to the Monthly Pre-Qualifier. Also, those Champion 1-3 clans who were not participating in that month’s CWL are eligible to register a team.

Q: Since clans must be emptied on day 2 of Pre-Qualifiers, do you have to play out of CWL clan or make a new level 1 clan?

A: Everyone must participate in the CWL clan they qualified in. Using a different clan for Pre-Qualifier Day 2 is not possible.

Q: Can we play with different accounts for different teams at the same Pre-Qualifier?

A: No. Each player is allowed to compete with only one account, which they must own, in the Pre-Qualifier.

Q: Must the team of 5 players be chosen from the CWL lineup or can they choose 5 random players from other CWL qualified teams?

A: The clan Leader can also choose players who were not playing in the clan's CWL roster that month, as long as those players are otherwise eligible, within the same clan during registration, and not registered to any other Monthly Pre-Qualifier, Monthly Qualifier, Last Chance Qualifier, and World Finals team yet.

The ClashWorlds 2021 starts this May, remember to sign your clan in the Clan War Leagues!

Clash On!