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Clash of Clans — Feb 10, 2022

Worlds Warmup tournament is back!

Fellow Clashers,

After last year’s success, we want to see you battle again and show us how strong new teams out there are, so the ClashWorlds Warmup Tournament comes back this year with a prize pool of 30.000$.

We’re looking for the best 8 teams from 4 open brackets of max 256 participants each. The two best teams out of each bracket will earn a spot in the ClashWorlds Warmup Tournament!

Gear up and get your clans ready because the qualifiers are right here! The dates for the open brackets are the 12th, 13th, 19th and 20th of February. What are you waiting for??

Make it to the top 2 of each bracket and you will have earned a spot in the Warmup playoffs Day 1, on February 27th. This year we will use an upper bracket/lower bracket system, so teams won’t be eliminated after a single loss.

The Warmup playoffs Day 2 will be on March 5th with upper bracket semi finals and lower bracket quarter finals, and finally onto Day 3 which will happen on March 6th. In this day all remaining matches will be played up until the Grand Finals that will give us our winner.

Sign up now with AppGrade and find the complete rulebook and information about the tournament in the Discord server.



The Warmup playoffs will be broadcasted. Stay tuned for more information!