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Clash of Clans — Apr 9, 2021

Battle Builders!

Not only will this new feature fundamentally change base building, we’ve radically altered one of the core characters of Clash of Clans and turned him into a force to be reckoned with! That’s right, we’re talking about everyone’s favorite carpenter: the Builder!

​Introducing: Defensive Builder's Huts​!

When you upgrade to Town Hall 14, you unlock the ability to upgrade your Builder’s Huts.

After years of having his creations smashed to kindling day after day, Builder has finally decided to transform his humble abode into a tool for retaliation. That’s right! Builder Hut is no longer just extra damage percentages or that lone building in the corner causing you to get a 99% 2-Star attack when time runs out.

Once upgraded beyond Level 2, the Builder’s Hut will actively defend itself with a weaponized turret that shoots invading enemies.

And with the new defensive Builder's Huts, of course we have to include a new Achievement!

  • Bust This!

    Destroy weaponized Builder Huts in Multiplayer Battles (25 Huts = 10 Gems; 250 Huts = 30 Gems; 2500 Huts = 100 Gems).

Defensive Builder's Hut Levels 2-4

LevelUpgrade TimeUpgrade CostDamage per SecondRepair per SecondHit Points
210d9.5M Gold80501000
312d12.5M Gold100551300
414d15.5M Gold120601600
  • Range: 6 Tiles

  • Damage type: Single Target

  • Targets: Ground & Air

  • Favorite target: Any

Grab your hammer, Builder, it's time to Battle!

At Town Hall 14, the Builder will no longer hide inside his Builder Hut and now takes an active role in defending your Village! In order to stymie the damage being done to his architectural wonders, Builder will attempt to repair nearby Defenses during a battle.

Although the Builder himself cannot be dealt damage nor can he be targeted by attacking Troops, he CAN be targeted by offensive Spells. Poison and Freeze Spells will slow/halt him from repairing nearby buildings. Lightning Spell will cause him to reset his repair target.

Builder will cease repairing his targeted building once his own Builder Hut has been destroyed. Another thing to keep in mind is the Builder Hut is now a Defense structure and will be targeted by units that attack Defenses such as Balloons, Hog Riders, etc!

See it in action: