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Clash of Clans — May 1, 2022

Clan Capital & The Forge

Clan Capital is the central hub where the entire Clan contributes to the construction and upgrading of a massive base. Every member of a Clan will be able to contribute to building this awesome new region to strengthen its defenses and upgrade its Troops.

But that’s not all! Your Clan will be able to try and defeat other Clans’ Capitals over the course of a Raid Weekend. Battle as a Clan for Capital Gold to upgrade and improve your Capital but also Raid Medals that you can use to purchase items for your own Village. You’ll even be able to purchase reinforcement Troops without having to wait for your other Clanmates to donate them!

How do we go to Clan Capital?

The Clan Capital will be accessible to Clans that are Level 2 or higher. Once your Clan reaches this requirement, your Clan will unlock the ability to travel to the Capital. Furthermore, your Village must be Town Hall level 6 or higher in order to enter the Capital.

Just click the Air Ship next to the Builder Base boat and it will send you high into the clouds to a distant new land for your Clan to explore!

Capital Districts

The Clan Capital is broken down into various Districts. Each District is unlocked as you upgrade your Capital Peak - the highest District in the Clan Capital. At the center of the Capital Peak is the Capital Hall. This functions as the “Town Hall” of the Capital Peak. Upgrading the Capital Hall raises the max level of your other Districts and Buildings. However, your Capital Hall can only be increased in level after you’ve upgraded enough Districts to meet the requirements for the next Capital Hall level.

At the core of each District is a District Hall. This is the functional equivalent of a Town Hall in your Village. District Halls can be upgraded using Capital Gold and the level of the Buildings in a District is determined by the level of the District Hall. The higher level your District Hall is, the more you can upgrade the buildings of that District.

Capital Gold

In this update we are introducing a couple of new resources: Capital Gold and Raid Medals. Capital Gold is a brand new currency you’ll need in order to restore Ruins and upgrade your Capital Buildings. When you unlock a brand new District, instead of purchasing Buildings, Walls, Defenses, Traps, etc. you’ll find your recently unlocked District to be covered in ancient Ruins. Spending Capital Gold on these Ruins will allow you to build specific Capital Buildings and Defenses. Upgrading your Capital with Clan Gold is instantaneous with no upgrade time!

How Do You Earn Capital Gold?

  • The Forge

The Forge is a brand new building that unlocks at Town Hall level 6 and you’ll find the Forge next to the Air Ship that takes you to your Clan Capital. This structure allows you to manufacture and collect small amounts of Capital Gold, the resource needed to upgrade your Capital buildings, every day. Additionally, high-level Town Hall players will be able to assign Builders in order to exchange Home Village and Builder Base resources for Capital Gold, which means you will need a free Builder to convert resources into Capital Gold. Additionally, the Builder Boost from the Gold Pass as well as Builder Potions will speed up and reduce the time required to craft Capital Gold at the Forge. You can also complete a Capital Gold conversion in progress by using Gems.

  • Capital Raid Weekends

Capital Gold and Raid Medals are two of the new currency rewards for participating in Clan Capital Raids.

  • Season Challenges & Special Events

With Capital Gold being a brand new resource, we’ll make sure there’ll be opportunities to earn Capital Gold through Season Challenges and other events.

Upgrading Capital Buildings

When you visit your Clan Capital, there is no Shop to purchase Buildings, Defenses, Traps, etc. Most purchasable and upgradeable Buildings start off as moss-covered Ruins. All Ruins are visible in each District and will denote what kind of Building will be unlocked when the Ruins are restored, whether it’s a new kind of Barrack that unlocks a specific Troop or a new Capital Defense that aids in protecting your Clan’s massive Districts. Some Ruins even unlock moveable decorations!

The more you contribute to your Clan Capital, you will be rewarded with a new XP type system called Reputation. It’s a good way to keep track of who has contributed the most to your Clan’s Capital.

Players can contribute whatever amount of Capital Gold they have. When the required amount is reached, the Grand Builder will instantly upgrade the Building. However, be aware that the Builder Boost from the Gold Pass does NOT reduce the Capital Gold price for restoring Ruins and upgrading Buildings in the Clan Capital.

Raid Medals

Raid Medals are the second new currency being introduced in the Clan Capital update. You can earn these Medals by participating in Capital Raids which we’ll discuss later. Raid Medals are received at the conclusion of a Raid, and the amount of Medals you receive is dependent on how many Districts were destroyed as well as how well your own Capital was able to defend against enemy attacks.

The Trader

In the Clan Capital Update, we have improved the Trader and the wares he offers for sale. All players in a Clan will see the same items for sale at the same time with the offers changing every Tuesday. You will be able to purchase more items with Gems or you can spend your saved up Raid Medals for items on offer with the Trader, whether it’s resources or Magic Items! Purchasing items for sale using Raid Medals will subtract the amount in Raid Medals from your collection.

Clan Castle Donations

Are you tired of waiting for your reinforcement request to be fulfilled? Or perhaps no one in your Clan has activated that specific Super Troop you need? Well do we have the solution for you! Now you can donate Clan Castle Troops to YOURSELF using your saved up Raid Medals. Whether you need a specific Troop, Super Troop, Spell or even Siege Machines!

The cost in Raid Medals is based on the level of Troop, Spell, or Siege Machine requested. Using Raid Medals to self-donate will fill your request with the highest maximum allowed level. You can access this self-donation screen by clicking on a new button when you tap on the Clan Castle or the Clan Banner next to the path that donated Troops travel down next to the Trader.

At this point you might be wondering...

What happens to my Rewards if I’m kicked out or leave the Clan after doing an attack?

If you leave the Clan before the end of the Raid Weekend, you still get the Capital Gold that you earned from attacks during the Raid Weekend. You will also receive the rewards from your former Clan completely destroying Districts or the entire enemy Capital, even if you weren’t there when they achieved this.

What do I lose if I’ve contributed to a Clan’s Capital but then leave the Clan?

The resources you spent in the Capital can’t be claimed back. However, you get to keep your “Capital Contributions” statistic as well as your Reputation level. You also get to keep any Capital Gold and Raid Medals that you have earned.