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Clash of Clans — Jun 13, 2021

Destruction From High Above!

Now that you’ve upgraded your Air Defense, Wizard Tower, and Archer Tower, attacks from the air are nothing to worry about, right? RIGHT?

Just when you thought your Village’s skies were safe once more, an ominous winged shadow casts over your defenses and brings airborne destruction from high above.

New Troop: Dragon Rider

Dragon Rider is skeletal engineering’s latest attempt at creating sustained, mechanical flight while endeavoring to deliver ebullient ordnance to its targets far below. By (not so) carefully mimicking the king of the skies, this creation of cunning construction is carefully contoured like Dragon. But its resemblance to a flying, fire-belching fiend ends there.

Dragon Rider, like his other bony buddies, targets defenses and will come crashing in a combustible comet of carnage after it’s been shot down.

  • Favorite Target: Defenses

  • Damage Type: Single Target

  • Targets: Ground & Air

  • Housing Space: 25

  • Movement Speed: 20

LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeDPSDamage When DestroyedHPTraining CostTraining Time
1NANA340700410022K Elixir16m 40s
216M Elixir15d370800450025K Elixir16m 40s
317.5M Elixir17d400900490028K Elixir16m 40s

Dragon Rider becomes available at Town Hall 13 when players upgrade their Barracks to level 15.

Barracks Level 15

Upgrade CostUpgrade TimeHit Points
6M Elixir11d1150

We’ve got one more sneak peek for you tomorrow where we’ll share some really cool Quality of Life Improvements we’ve been brewing up for you, along with the full patch notes of the update!