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Clash of Clans — Dec 11, 2022

Capital Leagues, Player Housing & More!

New Capital District: Skeleton Park!

Skeleton Park is a brand new district you can unlock at Capital Hall 8. Spiky nettled vines not only create a unique arboreal environment, these maze-like plants create indestructible barriers between your District and the attackers trying to plunder your Capital!

Once you’ve unlocked Skeleton Park, you’ll be able to unlock a brand new Capital Troop - Inferno Dragon, 2 all-new Defenses - Reflector and Mini-Minion Hive, and also a new Capital Spell - Graveyard Spell.

Inferno Dragon

Inferno Dragon has made his way over to your Clan Capital where he’ll wreak untold damage upon your opponents’ Capital Districts. Like his Super Troop version in your Home Village, Inferno Dragon’s attacks do increasing amounts of damage over time.

Mini-Minion Hive

Mini-Minion Hive is one of the two unique defenses that you unlock when you gain access to Skeleton Park.

As if Minions weren’t terrifying enough, now your enemy’s Defense will be able to launch Mini-Minions at high speed en masse in retaliation. Mini-Minion Hive unleashes swarms of angry Mini-Minions at attackers brave enough to approach it. Just the perfect response to swarms of Graveyard Spell Skeletons!


The second defense that you unlock at Skeleton Park is the Reflector.

Although Reflector doesn’t have an attack of its own, this unique Defense will send damage back at the attacker.

  • Range: 10 tiles

  • Damage type: Single target

  • Targets: Ground & Air

  • Favorite target: Any

NEW: Capital Player Housing Customization

In this update, players will now have the ability to personalize their Player House, located in your Clan Capital’s Capital Peak.

Each Clanmate will be assigned a single House that is automatically assigned to you when you join a Clan. Leaving a Clan will automatically vacate the slot and an unadorned House will remain in its place.

Players will have a set of unlocked customizations that will be immediately available. You can access new Parts by unlocking them as you gain reputation levels, as well as being able purchase new ones from the Trader, or as potential rewards from challenge events. If you have already acquired a specific component then you will not be able to purchase duplicates of the same item. Any components you’ve acquired will remain with you even if you join another Clan.

You will be able to change the look of your House’s Roof, Walls, Ground, and Decorations. Make it YOUR House.

NEW: Clan Capital Leagues

We’ve added a new League ranking system for Capital Raids. Clans will earn Capital Trophies from weekend Raids, and Trophy counts are updated after the Raid event ends. Clans will receive a Raid summary that will also display your Trophy and League changes. This summary will be displayed in the Raid overview screen as well as posted to your Clan’s chat.

Clans are assigned to a League based on that Clan’s Capital Trophies and the Clan earns Clan XP each week based on the League level. Your Clan’s Trophies is determined by 80% of your previous Trophy count plus 20% of new Trophies won. New Trophies are calculated based on your Clan’s total loot, average loot per attack, and average loot per defense.

Capital Leaderboards are now accessible from the Capital map or when visiting a Clan Capital, and you'll see the Top 200 global Leaderboard and Top 200 local Leaderboard based on Clan’s location.

Additionally you Clan’s profile UI will now display more Capital-specific information:

  • Capital League

  • Capital Trophies

  • Capital Hall level

  • Capital upgrade count

Clans will now be able to set different active and defensive layouts.

An upper limit for offensive Raid Medals is implemented to prevent Clans from earning too many Medals when encountering layouts that have been intentionally designed to be easy.