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Clash of Clans — Jun 11, 2021

New TH14 Levels Incoming!

Hey Chief!

Summer is here and you know what that means! The Clash of Clans June Update of course!

To kick off our preview of the June Update, we’re going to dive right in starting with new Building and Troop levels for Town Hall 14! That’s right, it’s time to buff those defenses and strengthen those troops because we’ve got some upgrades coming.

New Building Levels

BuildingLevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeDPSHP
Archer Tower2017.5M Gold17d1401700
Wizard Tower1418.2M Gold18d902900
Air Defense1218M Gold18d4801600
Barracks156M Elixir11dNA1150

New Trap Levels

TrapLevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeDPSRadius
Giant Bomb89M Gold11d4004 Tiles
Air Bomb97M Gold9d2903 Tiles

50 More Level 15 Wall Segments

In the June Update, Town Hall 14 players will have the ability to upgrade 50 more Wall segments to Level 15.

New Troop Levels

TroopLevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeDPSHPTraining CostTraining Time
Dragon918.5M Elixir18d350450026K Elixir3m
Balloon1018M Elixir18d276/352*10406500 Elixir30s
Electro Dragon519M Elixir18d360/630*480044K Elixir6m

* Damage when destroyed

We’ll see you tomorrow as we rocket towards our next preview! Clash On!