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Clash of Clans — May 3, 2023

Builder Base 2.0: Layouts, Troop Levels and B.O.B!

Hey Chief!

The Builder Base 2.0 update is drawing near and before we start getting into the sneak peeks of the exciting content coming in the update, we wanted to share some additional information about how your Builder Base will be affected as we transition to the new system.

Layout Changes

  • Builder Halls 6+ Layout Changes

If you haven’t already read Game Lead Stuart’s Builder Blog post about the brand-new multi-stage attack system, we highly recommend you check it out! It’s our new system intended to keep the small tactical feel of early Builder Hall levels. Dividing Builder Base into stages you need to conquer will still allow for more defenses to expand your Builder Base stages while creating cool new defensive strategies to thwart attackers.

Players who are already Builder Hall 6 and above (BH6+) will automatically unlock the cave entrance on the western side of the Builder Base which leads to your own second stage. In order to accommodate this, your Builder Base defenses will be randomly set for both stages. All Decorations will be stashed and any uncleared obstacles will remain where they currently are.

Additionally, any obstacles blocked by repositioned buildings/traps or from the decreased size of the map, will automatically be moved to valid but random positions. Any Tall Grass that is blocked will be removed. Any additional non-active layouts will be wiped.

  • Builder Halls 1-5

For players who are below BH6, we will try to preserve your current layouts as much as possible by moving it to the center of your Builder Base village map. If there are 4 or fewer than 4 buildings/traps that cannot fit in the smaller map size then those buildings will be randomly placed. If there are more than 4 buildings/traps that do not fit the smaller map size then the entire Builder Base layout will be placed randomly. Any additional non-active layouts will be wiped.

Troop Level Changes

We want players to be able to jump into the new multiplayer attacks as quickly as possible. We understand at higher BH levels, upgrading a newly unlocked Troop from level 1 can be a deterrent to experimenting with new tactics until that Troop has been properly upgraded.

Therefore, Troops will be automatically upgraded to their minimum level when they are unlocked in the Barracks. The following list is what levels Troops will be at when they are unlocked. If you’ve already leveled your Troops beyond the minimum, don’t worry! We won’t reset their upgrade progress.

  • Raged Barbarian: Level 1

  • Sneaky Archer: Level 1

  • Boxer Giant: Level 3

  • Beta Minion: Level 3

  • Bomber: Level 5

  • Baby Dragon: Level 5

  • Cannon Cart: Level 7

  • Night Witch: Level 9

  • Dropship: Level 11

  • Power P.E.K.K.A: Level 13

  • Hog Glider: Level 15


As Game Lead Stuart also mentioned in a previous Builder Blog post, we are going to update the Builder Base tasks you must complete to unlock your 6th Builder for the Home Village. Previously, completing this series of tasks allowed you to unlock O.T.T.O, Master Builder’s robotic assistant that would allow Master Builder to travel in between your Builder Base and Home Village to act as an additional set of hands…err…hammer.

Meet B.O.B! This handy robotic new assistant believes he’s a real boy, or should we say ‘real Builder’. When you reach Builder Hall 9, you will need to complete a series of new tasks in order to unlock B.O.B. Once you’ve completed the tasks, B.O.B will join your Home Village as an extra Builder.

These are the tasks you’ll need to complete to unlock B.O.B:

  • Complete 3 Gear Up upgrades

  • Upgrade any Troop to level 18

  • Upgrade any Defense to level 9

  • Total upgrade level of all Heroes must be at least 45. Just note that the new Hero Machine starts at Level 15 when you purchase it from the shop.

If you’ve already unlocked O.T.T.O before the update is released, then your O.T.T.O will automatically be replaced by B.O.B. Additionally, Master Builder will be sent back to the Builder Base where he’ll remain as Builder Base’s second Builder!

Thank you for joining us as we continue to share more exciting new features that are part of the Builder Base update. We wanted to include you in this quick PSA so it helps minimize any confusion when you visit your Builder Base after the update is released.

We’ve got some exciting sneak peeks in the works! If you have any comments or questions about the update or the information presented here, make sure you’re following us on our official social media channels for all the news on its way soon!

Clash On!