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Clash of Clans — Dec 14, 2017

Clan Games Are On The Way!

The villages, roads (and more than a few troops) have been papered with flyers about the new Clan Games. And a strange blue caravan has been sighted!

Rumor has it Clan members will need to work together in the Games event to complete challenges AND there will be new treasures to be won!

Speculation is mounting among our troops about what those challenges might be…

(Don't worry, your troops will not have to complete these challenges.)

However, you'll need to team up with your Clan Mates to complete different challenges, ranging from multiplayer attacks in Home Village, to Versus Battles in Builder Base.
The points you collect from your own completed tasks will count towards a shared Clan Point pool - the higher the Clan Points, the bigger and better the rewards for all participants!

Stay tuned for more info on these new and mysterious magic items...

Until then, Clash On!