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Clash of Clans — Oct 14, 2021

Clan Games Changes

Hi Chief!

We have recently made some changes to the Clan Games tasks to make them feel less “grindy” and more enjoyable, as well as more motivating to help players reach 4000 points each Clan Games session so players can earn those top tier prizes.

Here are the changes you can expect to see in the upcoming Clan Games seasons going forward:

  • All Clan Games tasks have been rebalanced to be able to be completed in 1-5 attacks, with a maximum time limit of 24 hours.

  • Most Clan Games tasks can be completed in a single attack so the Clan Board will refresh more frequently to account for the more rapidly completed tasks.

  • Nearly all Clan Games tasks have had their points-per-battle values increased, with Builder Base tasks ranging from 100-150 points per attack, and Home Village tasks ranging from 150-300 points per attack.

  • Because many tasks are worth more points, we have removed the Boosted Tasks list. Every task should now be worth attempting!

  • Although we’ve removed the monthly Boosted Tasks, we may occasionally still do boosted points on special occasions.

  • The cost to revive expired tasks has been universally reduced. The Gem cost to revive a task will now range between 5-20 Gems instead of 10-60 as it was previously valued.

Clash On!