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Clash of Clans — Oct 25, 2018

Clan War Leagues & Regular Clan Wars

Regular Wars and Clan War League Wars - Which Can You Do?

Hey Chief,

We wanted to give some additional explanation regarding if you can do Clan War Leagues and/or regular Clan Wars.

In short: Yes! You can do both. But there are some rules that need to be explained.

You can do Clan War Leagues in one Clan and you can do normal Clan Wars/Friendly Wars in another Clan.

For example, let's say you're a member of Clan A. Clan A decides they want to do a season of Clan War Leagues and signs up with you on the roster. You are now locked into Clan War Leagues for Clan A. Therefore, you cannot do normal Clan Wars or Friendly Wars while in Clan A.

However, if you leave Clan A and join Clan B, if Clan B is not signed up for Clan War Leagues you can participate in Clan Wars/Friendly Wars while in Clan B.

If I'm in Clan A, can I do Clan Wars/Friendly Wars in Clan B?

If you want to do Clan B's Clan Wars/Friendly Wars, you must leave Clan A and join Clan B.

If I'm in Clan B while locked in Clan A's War League roster, can I do my Clan A League attacks while in Clan B?

No. If you want to do your League attacks, you must be in Clan A.

Can I do War Leagues for both Clan A and Clan B?

No. You can only sign up for War Leagues in one Clan.

My Clan is currently in a Clan War. Can we sign up for War Leagues?

No. This is why we have the 2-day sign up period for War Leagues. This will allow any normal Clan Wars to complete so you can sign up for War Leagues.