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Clash of Clans — Apr 11, 2018

Clan Wars Explained: Preparation Day

You’re here because you want to start a Clan War, right? Great! It’s fast, frenetic and filled
with Clashy action! This post is your guide to getting to grips with this awesome game mode
and making sure you prep, clash...and win!

In a nutshell, Clan Wars is an epically awesome way for two Clans to go head to head in
all-out war! Clan Wars can range from 5v5 all the way up to 50v50 wars! There
are two phases in a Clan War: Preparation Day and Battle Day. Each Clan member has two
attacks during Battle Day (but cannot attack the same base twice).

If you win your battle, you get stars and loot. If your Clan wins the war, you get LOTS of loot!


1. You Gotta Prep!

It’s Clan Wars Preparation Day, Chief! You’ve got 23 hours and you’re gonna need them!
This is it! Prepare your defenses, gather information on the enemy and start planning your
attacks! The clock is ticking, so get prepping!

Co-ordination and communication with your clan mates is key- so get on the same page as
your Clan Mates - that’s the best way to win the war!

2. Troop Donations Rule!

You’ve got a good idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy Clan. You’re in good
shape, but could you be stronger? Well, don’t worry – now’s the time to get donations (and

Donated troops will hideout in the Clan Castle and assist you and your Clan Mates in defense, so just make sure you know what
they need before donating.

3. Scout The Enemy!

Remember when we said you had 23 hours in Preparation Day? Well, when you’re not busy
donating troops and motivating your Clan Mates, you should be thinking about the enemy’s

This is a big part of Preparation Day, Chief! Because it means you’ll have an idea of which
strategies to use when Battle Day comes - and it’ll be sooner than you think! But remember,
you won’t be able to see the exact base layout until Battle Day, only its strength. But that’s
enough to help you plan!

4. Tweak Your Base Layout!

Is your base ready for battle? Of course it is. But is it ready for WAR? You only have
Preparation Day to tweak your base layout, so make sure it’s optimized for Clan Wars. You
may want to protect your Clan Castle by moving it further inside your walls or slowdown your
enemies attack by putting your resources on the outside - you decide!

There are lots of base designs you can deploy, but you’ll only have Preparation Day to
decide. Talk to your Clan to work out which design will best prepare you for war.

5. Strategy Will Always Reign!

This is the bit where you decide how you want to fight, Chief. And there are more than a few ways to do it. Get chatting with your Clan Mates to discuss attack strategies, test your armies and hone your attacks in Friendly Challenges and don’t forget to check out all the attacktutorials on Youtube – there are loads out there to choose from!

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