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Clash of Clans — Sep 26, 2022

Clash Fest Challenge

Hey Chief!

Welcome to the "Clash Fest Challenge" Level by Galadon blog post! For this last Clash Fest Challenge, there won't be a daily leaderboard! Every player who gets a three-star in the challenge will be included in a raffle for a 2,000 Gems prize (10 winners).

The winners of the raffle will receive a message to their in-game inbox (envelope icon at top left corner) to notify them about the win and to give instructions for how to claim the prize.

Monday September 26th

  • #7 Clash Fest Challenge Level: "Clash Fest Challenge" by Galadon

  • Raffle prize among everyone who tripled (no leaderboard):

    2,000 Gems (10 winners)

  • NOTE:

    The winner will receive an in-game message (envelope icon at top left corner of the Home Village) with instructions how to claim their prize

This is the last Clash Fest Challenge!

Hope you have had an awesome time completing all the previous Challenges! Let's put your skills into test on this last but not least Clash Fest Challenge, and participate in the raffle for that sweet 2,000 Gems!

*Winners Announcement

The #7 Clash Fest Challenge winners are: gehEierKraulEn, 낑낑이조아, ⚠EL BARTO⚠, AIM祐強, KING ALI, ✓jhnsn✓, vicnix 22345t, Wong2, KING OF COC, and L4N4_T4MP4N. Congrats!

Thanks everyone for participating! Until next time... CLASH ON!