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Clash of Clans — Dec 4, 2017

Clash Talk #2: The Bite-Size Version

We know you want to hear what Forum Mods LachNessMeownster and Smolson pried out of Supercell Community Manager Darian. But we also know that keeping your village safe is a time-consuming job. So here’s an easy-to-read digest of what was discussed...

A. We’re working on it! It wouldn’t work to just throw in more perks and rewards because that would skew things towards higher level Clans. Lower level Clans might be demotivated from progressing. Watch this space!

A. Builder Base is designed to be a neat way of trying out player suggestions without having to build them into the main game infrastructure. Especially the PvP aspect, which would require a major ground-up rebuild.

A. We want to provide meaningful challenges and experiences for all players. We also understand high-level players enjoy different things: winning Clan Wars, trophy collecting, Builder Base, and farming. Building on these social aspects is our unifying goal.

A. Judgments in Clash of Clans' development are made on 'what feels good' at a gut level. But those decisions are heavily influenced by the data we collect from in-game sources, including player and community feedback.

A. This is under discussion. We may reduce upgrade times. But we only want to address issues one at a time, and make sure they are solved properly. The three key issues for devs at the moment are: clouding, matchmaking and game content.

A. It would be impractical to consult players in a meaningful way because game features change so much during the development cycle. Not everything in development makes it to the final release for any number of reasons.

A. If players could change their names more easily, it would tend to work against reputation building and good matchmaking. We always have to look at how seemingly small changes might affect overall gameplay.

A. I’d love to tell you, believe me! But I can’t, it's top secret. All I can reveal is that it’s going to be a big build for gameplay between different Clans. It’s all very exciting. If you want a clue, I’ll give you one. It's the letter ‘Q’!

You can watch the full Q&A on Youtube: