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Clash of Clans — Apr 9, 2018

Celebrating Four Years of Clan Wars!

The introduction of Clan Wars, 4 years ago, was a defining moment in the history of Clash of Clans and it helped make Clash of Clans into the game it is today! April 9th marks the anniversary of this beloved feature and we have a special content release in celebration of Clan Wars!

Introducing: War Tools!

Got an experienced War General your Clan relies on to dictate which bases to attack? Or perhaps you have a new recruit who could use some guidance during Clan Wars? The Clan War Tools are a new feature that allows you to add strategy notes on enemy bases and claim your targets!

During your Clan War, members in your war roster are able to tag an enemy base and leave a note on the Clan War map.

Note: be sure to download the optional update from the App Store or GooglePlay to unlock the full Clan War Tools feature! The optional update should now be available on all app stores.

4x Clan War Loot and Clan War XP Event

From April 9th until April 12th, enjoy 4x Clan War XP and 4x Clan War loot!

Gifting Gems

Throughout the Clan War Anniversary, when you purchase Gems in Clash of Clans you will have the ability to gift an additional number of Gems to your Clanmates! Want to reward your Clan for a well-performed War? Or perhaps you want to provide them with additional help to build up their Village? This is the perfect opportunity to give your Clanmates that additional extra boost. Just head on over to Shop - Treasure and you'll find these special gem packs!

Additional Updates:

  • The Change Name, Filter Clan Chat, and Personalised Shop options have been moved to the new “More Settings” tab of the “Settings” menu.

  • The Magic Items UI has been changed to display in an easier to read format.

  • Wall segments will now display how many Ring of Walls items are needed to upgrade to the next level.

  • Max-level Builder Base Troops will now display the flame icon with their level.

  • Builder Potions can be used directly from the Magic Items UI.

Clash On!

The Clash of Clans Team