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Clash of Clans — Jun 9, 2023

June Update Is Around the Corner!

Hey Chief!

The June 2023 Update for Clash of Clans is going to be coming at you fast, so you know what that means right? We’ve got previews of the update coming straight at you, so buckle up and let’s go hog wild!

Before we dive into the main content of the update, we wanted to share with you some upcoming changes we’re implementing. We’re introducing 2 new Magic Items and we’ve got new upgrade levels for Defenses, Traps, Troops, Siege Machines, Heroes, and even a couple of Hero Pets for players at Town Hall 15.

Let’s start with the two new Magic Items coming in this update.

Pet Potion

Pet Potion speeds up your Hero Pet’s upgrade timer by 24x for 1 hour per potion. Like other Potions, you can stack the duration with each Potion, but the effects do not stack.

Builder Star Jar

This new Magic Item can only be used after you’ve completed your Builder Base Star Bonus. Using the Builder Star Jar will bypass the Builder Base Star Bonus cooldown timer and gives you a brand new Star Bonus, giving you the opportunity to get even more loot now! Although the Builder Star Jar will bypass the cooldown of your Star Bonus, it doesn’t reset or remove it. For example, if there’s 2 hours left before your Star Bonus cooldown timer ends and you use a Builder Star Jar to get a new Star Bonus, the timer will still remain at 2 hours after your new Star Bonus is completed.

We’ve added new levels for Town Hall 15 players. There are new upgrades for Buildings, Troops, Traps, Heroes, and even for a couple of Hero Pets.

Should you like to go in-depth and see all the stats for each new level, check out our post on the Clash of Clans subreddit.

New Building Levels

  • Walls: The remaining 125 Wall segments can now be upgraded to level 16 at Town Hall 15.

  • Dark Barracks level 10. Available at Town Hall 13.

  • Eagle Artillery level 6

  • Hidden Tesla level 14

  • Scattershot level 4

  • Builder’s Hut level 5

New Trap Levels

  • Seeking Air Mine level 5

  • Giant Bomb level 9

New Spell Levels

  • Clone Spell level 8

  • Skeleton Spell level 8

New Troop Levels

  • Goblin level 9

  • Super Goblin level 9

  • P.E.K.K.A level 10

  • Valkyrie level 10

  • Super Valkyrie level 10

  • Healer level 8

  • Dragon level 10

  • Super Dragon level 10

  • Hog Rider level 12

  • Bowler level 7

  • Super Bowler level 7

  • Baby Dragon level 9

  • Inferno Dragon level 9

  • Yeti level 5

  • Ice Golem level 7

New Siege Machine levels

  • Wall Wrecker level 5

  • Stone Slammer level 5

New Pet Levels

  • L.A.S.S.I: 5 new levels

  • Mighty Yak: 5 new levels

New Hero levels

All heroes available at Town Hall 15 got 5 new levels each.

Archer Queen

  • 5 new troop levels: 85 > 90

  • Royal Cloak ability level: 17 > 18

Barbarian King

  • 5 new troop levels: 85 > 90

  • Iron Fist ability level: 17 > 18

Grand Warden

  • 5 new troop levels: 60 > 65

  • Eternal Tome ability level: 12 > 13

Royal Champion

  • 5 new troop levels: 35 > 40

  • Seeking Shield ability level: 7 > 8

Time & costs reductions

In this update we’re introducing reductions to upgrade costs and times for Buildings, Traps, Troops, Siege Machines, and Spells for players at Town Hall levels 12-13, with reductions as far as 25% (averaging around 14% reductions).

That's all for today, Chief! Be sure to come back tomorrow for more update news! Clash on!