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Clash of Clans — Mar 19, 2020

New Upgrade Levels Incoming!

Hello there!

Besides the upcoming upgrade costs reductions and Builder Base changes announced in the past weeks, we’ve got a few niceties for all the Town Hall 11 through Town Hall 13 players coming in the next update as well!

We’re adding an additional level to several Buildings, Troops, Defenses, and Spells. Furthermore, we’re opening up an additional 50 Wall segments for Town Hall 13 players to upgrade their Walls from level 13 to 14. Check out the super cool information below!


Town Hall LevelTroopLevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeDPSHPTraining CostTraining Time
12Goblin810.5M12 days621262507s
12Barbarian911M12 days382303505s
13Minion9250K15d 12h661021218s
13Valkyrie8260K16 days19316502201m 30s


Town Hall LevelSpellLevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeMax DPSSpeed DecreaseAttack Rate DecreaseCost
13Poison Spell7260k15d 12h28044%65%185 Dark Elixir

Additionally - Freeze Spell can be upgraded to Level 2 in the Laboratory at Town Hall level 9 (previously at TH10).


Town Hall LevelBuildingLevelCapacityProductionHPUpgrade CostUpgrade Time
11Gold Mine14300,0005600/hr1180840,000 Elixir5d
11Elixir Collector14300,0005600/hr1180840,000 Gold5d
11Dark Elixir Drill83 000140/hr13803.5M Elixir6d

Plus: you can now build a 3rd Dark Elixir Drill at Town Hall level 9 (previously TH10).


Town Hall LevelDefenseLevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeDPSHP
13Archer Tower1814M15d1281510
13Bomb Tower815.5M16d72/4501900


Town Hall 13 players will be able to upgrade an additional 50x Wall segments to Level 14.