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Clash of Clans — Oct 10, 2018

Next Up: Resource Raid!

Hey Chief!

A new round of Clan Games starts tomorrow, and this time the theme is Resource Raid! - all challenges related to getting resources or destroying resource collectors/storage will be boosted, and will award you double points (scroll down if you want to see the list of boosted challenges). You can find these challenges marked in yellow in the Clan Games task board.

On to the rewards!

Dates: Oct 11-18

Max Points per Player: 4000

Tier 1: 3000
Rewards: Gold/Dark Elixir (20%), Elixir (20%), Gems (x20)

Tier 2: 7500
Rewards: Wall Ring (x3), Resource Potion (x1), Training Potion (x2)

Tier 3: 12000
Rewards: Gold (40%), Elixir/Dark Elixir (40%), Gems (x40)

Tier 4: 18000
Rewards: Resource Potion (x3), Builder Potion (x2), Power Potion (x3)

Tier 5: 30000
Rewards: Book of Fighting (x1), Book of Building (x1), Training Potion (x5)

Tier 6: 50000
Rewards: Book of Heroes (x1), Book of Spells (x1), Wall Ring (x10)

Boosted Tasks:

  • Elixir Pump Elimination

  • Gold Mine Mayhem

  • Elixir Storage Raid

  • Gold Storage Raid

  • Dark Elixir Plumbers

  • Dark Elixir Storage Raid

  • Gold Grab

  • Elixir Embezzlement

  • Dark Elixir Heist

  • Dark Elixir Challenge

  • Gold Challenge

  • Elixir Challenge

See you tomorrow when Clan Games start! Clash on!