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Clash of Clans — Oct 22, 2019

Optional Update v11.866.6

Hey Chief!

We've just released an optional update to the app stores which includes the following:

  • Quick Train saved armies now trains troops and spells in the order you add them while creating the saved army. Note that all troops or spells of the same type will train together - e.g. in one army you cannot specify training one Golem, some other troops and then another Golem;

  • Fixed a bug when viewing other player's profiles where an incorrect number of stars could be shown for Achievements;

  • Fixed Labels for suggested members not displaying;

  • Fixed when the Clock Tower boost is active some boosted buildings did not show the expected visual boost effect;

  • Fixed a crash some players were experiencing on opening the Season Challenges UI;

  • Fixed edges of the screen to be interactive in the troop selection menu on devices with margins (e.g. iPhone X + Galaxy S10);

  • Fixed a bug where the Quick Train screen can be zoomed in and out;

  • The text size of Clan Descriptions has been increased to be read easier;

  • Fixed miscellaneous minor UI bugs.

Version 11.866.6 should now be available on the iOS AppStore and GooglePlay! Be sure to update to this latest version to unlock the features and fixes listed above!

Clash On!

The Clash of Clans Team