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Clash of Clans — Mar 21, 2020

Quality of Life Changes & More!

Hold on to your hats, Chiefs! We’ve got a ton of incoming game changes, tweaks, and improvements landing with this update. So let’s dive right in!

  • Tired of receiving the wrong reinforcements? A new option in the troop request menu will allow you to

    request only the specific Troops you would like in your Clan Castle


Request which Troops, Spells and Siege Machines you'd like to receive in your Castle - and even if they must be maxed out!

  • Introducing Clan Castle Troops for Friendly Challenges!

    These function just like the Clan Castle Troops in Legend League in that once you set them, they remain filled and unchanged until you manually change them again.

  • Clan Castle Troops will now deploy in a specific order:

    lowest housing space first, finally by lowest level first.

  • When claiming

    rewards from Clan Games

    , if you do not have enough storage space for the claimed item you will be given the option to select Gems instead. The number of Gems received is based on the normal price the specific item sells for.

  • Research Potion


    now boost the Laboratory speed by 24x instead of 10x. The cost of Research Potions is now 120 Gems, up from 70 Gems in the Trader’s Daily Deals.

  • Home Village layouts

    that would normally be prevented due to obstacles being in the way will be allowed for Friendly Wars.

  • The

    Hero Skin

    user-interface, and

    Hero preview in Player Profile

    , have been redesigned to be more user friendly and look much cooler!

  • When you purchase or obtain a Hero Skin it will automatically open that Hero’s Skin UI to allow you to immediately swap skins.

  • The

    Clan War Leagues screen in the Champions leagues

    will be inaccessible to any Members (role below Elder), who not included in the Clan’s League roster. This is to prevent or minimize opposing Clans infiltrating or spying on their rivals by joining the opponents’ Clans.

Other Improvements

  • The Grand Warden AI has been adjusted to make him less likely to follow Yetimites

  • The Eagle Artillery will give less priority to targeting Yetimites

  • Grand Warden made less likely to follow and help other Heroes.