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Clash of Clans — Dec 9, 2023

Riding Into Battle!

Hey Chief,

Welcome to the 4th sneak peek of the December 2023 update! Today, we’re going to ride along with the new troop joining Clash of Clans! Are you tired of waiting for Archer Queen to take down enemies' walls? Well, then this is the troop for you! Get ready to smash through your opponent’s defenses! 

New Troop: Root Rider!

Root Rider is a new Elixir troop available at Town Hall 15 when you upgrade your Barracks to Level 16.

This earth warrior is so in tune with nature that she doesn’t even need to walk herself - are you jealous yet? Wait, because there’s more!

Riding into battle on top of a tough tree root, she can smash through walls and slam defenses into dust! Root Rider will be an excellent choice for those looking to create fast openings in your opponent’s defenses since those will be her primary target.

  • Favorite target: Defenses

  • Damage type: Single Target

  • Targets: Ground

  • Housing space: 20

  • Movement speed: 12

  • Training time: 3m 40s

Town HallLevelDPSWall DPSHPUpgrade TimeUpgrade Cost
15223010K760012d19M Elixir
16325010K800014d20M Elixir

Stay tuned because tomorrow we’ll reveal the last sneak peek before the full patch notes are out! Oh, and It’s a big one so you don’t want to miss it! 

Until then, Clash On!