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Clash of Clans — Jul 13, 2017

The Making Of: Clash Figures

A lot went into making these little figures! The idea to bring Clash characters into the real world in the form of figures first came about in 2015. We created a prototype in our Seoul office of a Barbarian and brought it to the game team to have a look. We all agreed it was pretty cool, and that put in motion our plan to get to work on five initial characters from our games.

We knew that whatever we made, it had to read like it walked straight out of the game and into the world. When people receive these and take them out of the box, they had to feel like an extension of the game, not just a random action figure or statue. To get there, we needed an awesome partner willing to help us hit the same high quality standards Supercell applies to everything we do. We were lucky to find that partner in Kotobukiya.

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Once we had a great partner to work with, and selected the characters we wanted to create, it came down to the details... lots and lots of details. Whether it was choosing the right color for the Loin Cloth out of hundred of thousands of options, increasing and decreasing the size of the Barbarian’s pupil, or adjusting the angle of the Archer’s bow by a degree or two, we left no stone unturned. We felt that each and every element of each every character would mean the difference between it feeling authentically true to the game and maybe, just a bit underwhelming.

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We’re super proud and excited to present our first six figures, and we're now shipping preorders. Your Wizards, P.E.K.K.As, Archers, Barbarians and, Princes will be home soon! We hope that these figures met your expectations!

Clash Figure Pack is now available in the Supercell Shop:

(Figures also sold individually)