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Clash of Clans — Jun 11, 2018

Town Hall 12 Patch Notes

Town Hall 12 is Here!

Town Hall 12 itself is now a defensive structure capable of self-defending. If an opponent so much as scratches the paint, the Giga Tesla will emerge. The bigger brother of the Tesla family of defenses, the Giga Tesla fires beams of electricity at its attackers, doing lots of damage in retaliation for ruining its pristine paint palate.

The Giga Tesla will have 5 upgrade levels available. Each level increases how many opponents the Giga Tesla can target. Once your Giga Tesla is upgraded to its 5th level, you'll unlock the Giga Tesla's final ability: the Town Hall itself turns into a massive bomb doing blast damage to surrounding opponents.

Siege Workshop & Siege Machines

Deliver your Clan Castle reinforcements directly into the heart of your enemy’s base!

Siege Machines are mobile Clan Castles trained in the Siege Workshop, a new building available to Town Hall 12 players and will carry and protect your Clan Castle reinforcements into combat. While the Siege Workshop can only be built by Town Hall 12 villages, Siege Machines can be donated to Clan mates of Clan Castle level 6 or higher.

The Wall Wrecker

  • The Wall Wrecker will plow through Wall pieces (doing damage x10) and will hammer away at any other building along its path. Not only does the Wall Wrecker provide a way to shield your Clan Castle troops from oncoming assaults, it opens up new strategies for funneling your army as the Wrecker clears the way to victory!

Battle Blimp

  • The Battle Blimp soars over your enemy’s defenses. As it beelines directly for the enemy Town Hall, the Battle Blimp will drop a continuous barrage of bombs. The Battle Blimp is much faster than the Wall Wrecker but will take less damage before it ultimately is forced to drop its payload.

You can still choose to deploy your Clan Castle troops normally by pressing the Clan Badge icon and attack the old-fashioned way…or…you can choose to SMASH your way to the Town Hall with a SIEGE MACHINE!

When you deploy your Siege Machine, your Clan Castle troops are automatically placed inside and will remain inside until one of three things happens: 1) they reach the enemy Town Hall 2) the Siege Machine is destroyed or 3) you can self-destruct the Siege Machine to manually deploy your troops.

New Troop: Electro Dragon!

Available at Town Hall 11, the Electro Dragon can soak up a moderate amount of damage and dish out punishment that’ll make enemy villages quiver in fear. Its lightning breath weapon will strike its target and will continue along its path, chain-linking up to 5 different targets. When it receives fatal damage, it releases its stored energy as a final hail of lightning bolts!

New TH12 Building Levels


  • Elixir Storage level 13

  • Gold Storage level 13

  • Dark Elixir Storage level 7


  • Cannon level 16

  • Archer tower level 16

  • Mortar level 11

  • Air Defense level 10

  • Wizard Tower level 11

  • Bomb Tower level 7

  • X-Bow level 6

  • Hidden Tesla level 10

  • Inferno Tower level 6

  • Eagle Artillery level 3

  • Walls level 13 (100x pieces)


  • +1 Giant Bomb

  • +2 Spring Trap

  • +1 Seeking Air Mine

  • +1 Air Bomb

  • +1 Hidden Tesla


  • Clan Castle level 8 (+5 housing increase)

  • Laboratory level 10

  • Army Camp level 10 (+5 housing increase each)

New TH12 Troop Levels

  • Barbarian level 8

  • Archer level 8

  • Giant level 9

  • Wall Breaker level 8

  • Balloon level 8

  • Wizard level 9

  • Dragon level 7

  • P.E.K.K.A level 8

  • Minion level 8

  • Hogrider level 8

  • Valkyrie level 7

  • Golem level 8

  • Witch level 4

  • Lava Hound level 5

  • Bowler level 4

  • Baby Dragon level 6

  • Miner level 6

All three Heroes have received 10 additional upgrade levels (Barbarian King and Archer Queen can now be upgraded up to level 60, and Grand Warden to level 30).

Quality of Life Changes

Name Changes

  • You will be able to change your name more than the amount currently available. The first name change will be free, but each name change will increase the price by 500 Gems to a maximum of 10,000 Gems. Each name change will include a 1-week cooldown period before you can change it again.

  • There are times when we encounter a player with an inappropriate name that doesn’t belong in Clash of Clans. Now there is an improved feature that allows you to report offensive or policy-violating names directly on the player’s profile.

Clan Improvements

  • If the Clan Leader leaves the Clan, the Leader


    assign a new Leader before they are able to leave the Clan.

Clan Castle Sleep Mode

  • Just received your Clan troop donation but your shield timer is about to expire? Or perhaps you know you’re going to be attacked but you’re unable to log on at the moment? Your Clan Castle can now toggle between “Guard” and “Sleep” modes. Sleep mode will prevent your Clan Castle troops from defending your village, keeping your reinforcements safe until you need them!

Copy Village Layout

  • See a Clan mate’s village that you really like? When you visit your Clan mates’ villages, you will be able to copy their layout. Save precious time in redoing your base! This feature unlocks at Town Hall level 4 for the Home Village and Builder Hall 4 for the Builder Base. You are able to copy a base that is +1 or -1 level from your own.

Clan Games Improvements

  • We have added a number of new Clan Games Challenges to take advantage of the new Town Hall 12 content!

  • The Clan Games results page will now show the leaderboard after the Clan Games are completed, and we have included a countdown timer to denote how much time you have left to claim your Clan Games rewards.

War Tool Improvement

  • If an attacker has used all of their attacks in a Clan War, their target calls will now automatically be removed from the Clan War map.

In-Game Notifications

  • You can now specifically set what kind of notifications you would like to receive in-game from the More Settings tab of the Settings menu.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • The cooldown between sharing replays has been reduced from 30 minutes to 5 minutes.

  • During server maintenance, Power Potion timers will properly pause.

Balance Changes


Wall Ring:

  • The price of Wall Ring has been reduced from 200 gems to 100 gems per Ring.

  • The number of Rings required for each Wall upgrade has been reduced and now covers up to 1M of required resources. For example, a Wall that requires 1M resources will require 1x Ring. A Wall that requires 2M resources will require 2x Rings, 3M resources will require 3x Rings, etc. Anything below 1M resources will only require 1x Ring.


  • The Trader will offer an increased number of Wall Rings.

Resource Storage:

  • Maximum Elixir and Gold storage at Town Hall 12 is increased to 12M per resource type.

  • Maximum Dark Elixir at Town Hall 12 is increased to 240K.


  • We understand upgrading your Walls is a time consuming aspect of Clash of Clans. As a result we are rebalancing how much Walls cost for Town Hall levels 5-10.


  • We have increased the amount your Treasury can store across all Town Hall levels.

Star Bonus:

  • The amount of resources awarded per league level has been drastically increased for the Star Bonus rewards.

War Loot:

  • The amount of loot earned from Clan Wars has been increased.

  • Percentage for winning Clan Wars increased from 600% to 700%

  • Percentage for draws increased from 240% to 350%

  • Percentage for losses increased from 180% to 300%


Lightning Spell:

  • The amount of damage done per lightning strike has been increased with a total of 6 per level

Freeze Spell:

  • Freeze Spell has been rebalanced to increase its utility

  • Housing space requirement reduced to 1

  • Training cost and time reduced by 50%

  • Donation cost reduced by 50%

  • Duration of the Freeze spell reduced

Clone Spell:

  • Housing space requirement reduced to 3

  • Training cost and time reduced by 25%

  • Donation cost reduced by 25%

  • Duplicated housing space reduced by 25%


Town Hall Upgrading:

  • All available buildings must be placed before you are able to upgrade to the next Town Hall level!

Archer Tower:

  • Level 12 damage decreased from 86 to 83

  • Level 13 damage decreased from 98 to 92

  • Level 14 damage decreased from 110 to 108

Inferno Tower:

  • Single and multi-mode damage increased.

  • Level 4 damage increased from 54 to 58

  • Level 5 damage increased from 64 to 70

Bomb Tower:

  • Level 5 damage increased from 44 to 46

  • Level 6 damage increased from 48 to 52

Eagle Artillery:

  • Removed the 3x damage bonus to Golems



  • Level 4 healing reduced from 71 to 65

  • Level 5 healing reduced from 90 to 80


  • Movement speed increased from 250 to 400

  • Time required for Miner to surface/submerge reduced from 1.2 seconds to 1.0 seconds


  • Level 7 HP increased from 1220 to 1280

  • Level 8 HP increased from 1440 to 1480


  • Level 1 DPS reduced from 65 to 60

  • Level 2 DPS reduced from 75 to 70

  • Level 3 DPS reduced from 85 to 80


  • Level 5 HP increased from 4500 to 4700

  • Level 6 HP increased from 5100 to 5200

  • We have also decreased the Elixir costs to train P.E.K.K.A in order to make them more affordable at lower levels


  • Level 5 HP increased from 2900 to 3000

  • Level 6 HP increased from 3200 to 3300

  • We have also decreased the Elixir costs to train Dragon to make them more affordable at lower levels


  • Level 1: HP increased from 270 to 320. DPS increased from 50 to 100. Number of skeletons spawned increased from 3 to 4.

  • Level 2: HP increased from 300 to 360. DPS increased from 60 to 120. Number of skeletons spawned remains the same.

  • Level 3: HP increased from 330 to 400. DPS increased from 70 to 140. Number of skeletons spawned decreased from 5 to 4.

Builder Base

  • Added 20 Wall pieces (4 segments) to Builder Hall level 8.

  • Super P.E.K.K.A: decreased death damage across all levels.