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Clash of Clans — Mar 22, 2018

Clan Games Info (March 23)

Upcoming Clan Games!

We know that many of you Chiefs out there are looking forward to finding out what exciting rewards this round of Clan Games will bring, so without further delay...

Start date: March 23

End date: March 27

For the time being we're looking at a regular series of Clan Games that last four days, with a three day pause in-between. But this might change any time so keep checking the Events tab and our social media pages for the latest news!

Maximum Points per Player: 3000

Seven Reward Tiers in total!

Tier 1 (1500 points)

Clan XP: 10

Rewards: 10 Gems or Resources

Tier 2 (3000 points)

Clan XP: 20

Rewards: 20 Gems or Resources

Tier 3 (7500 points)

Clan XP: 40

Rewards: Power Potion, Resource Potion, or Training Potion

Tier 4 (12000 points)

Clan XP: 60

Rewards: 40 Gems or Resources

Tier 5 (18000 points)

Clan XP: 80

Rewards: Book of Fighting, Book of Spells, or Book of Building

Tier 6 (30000 points)

Clan XP: 100

Rewards: Builder Potion x2 or Resources

Tier 7 (50000 points)

Clan XP: 120

Rewards: Book of Heroes, Ring of Walls x5, or 100 Gems

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In other news...

The Hateable Inflatable event is now live which means you can train Balloons and brew Haste spells at a great discount, and you'll win a Book of Spells when you complete the multiplayer challenge!

Judo Sloth has also laid down a challenge: What can YOU do with Balloon and Haste???

Whether it’s HIGH octane action, an EXPLOSIVE strategy or LOONY Loon mayhem, share your replays in the comments of our Facebook post or on Twitter for a chance at being featured right here in the Clash News! Good luck!