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Clash of Clans — Jan 14, 2020

Balance Changes (Now Live)

Hey Chief,

We have a few balance changes that we will be implementing in an upcoming maintenance:

  • Level 18 Cannon hitpoints

    increases from 1860 to 1870 to prevent Royal Champion from one-shotting Level 18 Cannons with her Seeking Shield special ability;

  • Yetimites

    will no longer trigger Traps.

  • Added a new

    Community tab

    in the News Inbox, where regular videos from your favorite Clash of Clans content creators will be featured.

  • Additionally, we will cut the Village Guard time in

    Titan leagues

    so it's always 60 minutes (was previously up to 180 minutes). This should help with the bad clouding that gets reported from time to time particularly when there's events going that get players more active.

  • Titan I: 120 minutes > 60 minutes

  • Titan II: 150 minutes > 60 minutes

  • Titan III: 180 minutes > 60 minutes

These changes went live with a maintenance on 16/01. Feel free to share your feedback or any comments on our Forums!

Clash on!

The Clash of Clans Team