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Clash of Clans — Sep 24, 2018

Quality of Life Improvements

Hey Chief!

Due to popular demand, here's a list of (some) confirmed "quality of life" improvements that will make it to the next update!

Siege Machines

  • The game will automatically default to the last deployment you used. If you used a Siege Machine in your last attack, it will default to that setting for your next attack. If you didn't use a Siege Machine and just deployed Clan Castle troops normally, your next attack will use that setting instead.

  • Donating Siege Machines will now provide 30 XP instead of 1 XP.

Troop Selection

  • When starting an attack, no troops will be selected by default. That way

    you won't accidentally deploy a troop when touching the map. You will
    need to manually select which troop you will deploy first.


  • New replay speed available. Rewatch battles at 1/2 replay speed!

Grand Warden's Mode Switch

  • Switch Grand Warden’s mode even if he is healing! When the Grand Warden goes down for a health-replenishing beauty
    nap, you can toggle his mode for when he wakes up from nappy-time!

And that’s all - for now! Stay tuned for more update news in the coming weeks! Clash on!