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Clash of Clans — May 1, 2024

Welcome to Clash With Haaland Season!

It is time for Clash of Clans to enter Football season with Erling Haaland! Yes, he does play Clash of Clans for real, and Barbarian King Haaland Skin is here, along with so much more! So, let’s dive in and use Haaland for the win!

New Temporary Troop: Barbarian Kicker!

Dates: May 1st - May 31st

  • All Town Hall 3 and above players get to experience a football-themed Barbarian Kicker troop! 

  • This troop shoots accurate football shots toward the closest defense. Then, starts attacking any remaining buildings.

  • In addition to Barbarian Kicker, we are happy to welcome Giant Thrower troop as well, which will be available in the Medal Event. More information can be found below!

New Set of Challenge Levels and Leaderboards!

Dates: May 1st - May 31st

  • All Town Hall 4 and above players will be experiencing twelve fun football-themed Challenge Levels!

  • While collecting stars from Challenge Levels, you will be able to claim various rewards, including special Decorations dedicated to the Clash With Haaland Season!

  • A new Challenge Level will unlock every two days, starting with Haaland’s own base! It is time for you to show us your attacking skills against one of the best football strikers. Good luck!

  • Earn even more rewards such as Ores, Clan Capital Housing Parts, and Decorations by perfecting attacks on the Challenge Levels.

  • In addition to the Challenge Levels, you will also be able to climb the Leaderboards, uniquely designed for Challenge Levels 1, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12! And for those most dedicated attackers, #1 spot on the Leaderboards is 50,000 Gems!

Medal Event: Temporary Troop, Spell, and New Hero Equipment!

Dates: May 7th - May 24th

  • Progress in the Clash With Haaland Event is gained by destroying Town Halls and three other buildings randomly selected from the following defenses: Cannons, Archer Towers, or Inferno Towers, so be on the lookout for those yielding extra Medals!

  • For Town Hall 6 and above players, starting from May 7th, there will be an additional Temporary Troop available for play that is unlocked via the free track of the Medal Event: Giant Thrower!

    • Giant Thrower throws a powerful bouncing football toward the closest building. Then starts attacking any remaining defenses.

  • In addition to the Temporary Troop, you will also be able to use a new Temporary Spell: Yellow Card!

    • Yellow Card Spell suspends targeted building or Hero temporarily. They can’t attack or be targeted while suspended.

  • As you progress through this unique Event Track, you will be able to unlock, with event medals collected, a brand-new Epic Barbarian King Hero Equipment: Spiky Ball!

    • Barbarian King shoots Spiky Ball at the closest building that bounces to other buildings, doing damage. Spiky Ball does not bounce to troops.

  • At the very end of the Event Track, you will be able to unlock Football Archer Queen Hero Skin using Event Medals in the Event Shop!

And More Football-themed fun!

  • Football Scenery is here to complete your full set of Football Hero Skins: Available in the Shop.

  • Football Archer Queen: Available in the Event Shop.

  • Barbarian King Haaland: Available in the Shop.

  • Football Royal Champion: Available with Gold Pass.

  • Football Barbarian King and Football Grand Warden also available in the Shop.