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Clash of Clans — May 1, 2022

Home Village Balance Changes

While Clan Capital is stealing the spotlight in this update, we’ll also be introducing some balance changes to the Home Village.

Balance Changes

  • Level 12 Air Defense - HP increased from 1600 to 1650

  • Level 4 Seeking Air Mine - Damage increased from 2400 to 2500

  • Defensive Builder repair from 55/60 to 60/70 for level 3 & 4 Builder’s Hut respectively

  • Level 8 & 9 Super Dragon DPS decreased from 414/448 to 405/429

  • Super Dragon attack range decreased by 0.5 tiles

  • Level 4-10 Unicorn heals decreased from 59/62/65/68/71/74/77 to 58/60/62/64/66/68/70

Bug Fixes & Other Changes

  • Fixed an issue with Hero Pets sometimes becoming invisible

  • Fixed Archer Queen’s animation that would occasionally cause her to twitch before her first attack

  • Fixed graphics of Bomb Tower that caused troops to be hidden under its crater.

  • Added more precision to collision detection of logs

  • Adjusted trap triggering rules to not require unit movement

  • Decrease gem cost of donating troops without the 1-gem donation perk.

  • Air troops now take target building size into account when selecting and attacking targets. For example 4x4 TH can now be attacked from 0.5 tiles further away than before.

  • Ground troops now take building size into account when considering the closest targets. Earlier the closest targets would be determined based on distance to the building middle point.