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Clash of Clans — May 6, 2024

Clash With Haaland Medal Event: all you need to know!

Hey Chief!

It’s time to collect some Footballs with the new Clash With Haaland Medal Event!

The Clash With Haaland Medal event will be available for players that are Town Hall 6 and up, and this time, players will be collecting Footballs by doing in-game activities and progressing through the Event track. These Footballs can be converted into Golden Boot Medals and will unlock special rewards such as the new Temporary Troop: Giant Thrower & the new Temporary Spell: Yellow Card!

Event Dates!

Clash With Haaland Event starts:

  • Date: Tuesday, May 7th, 2024

  • Time: 08:00am UTC

Clash With Haaland Event ends:

  • Date: Friday, May, 24th, 2024 

  • Time: 08:00am UTC

After the event ends on May 24th, you’ll still be able to continue accessing the Trader’s Event tab and the Medal Event Building (Football Camp) for 2 more days. This means that you’ll still be able to exchange your Golden Boot Medals for rewards until May, 26th at 08:00am UTC!

Clash With Haaland Resource: Footballs!

In this event you will be collecting Footballs! These can be obtained by attacking other players in Multiplayer Battles. Footballs can be collected by destroying your opponents’ Town Hall and three other buildings: Cannons, Archer Towers and Inferno Towers. These three buildings will be randomly selected. Footballs can also be collected from the Event building: Football Camp with a maximum amount of 100 Footballs per day.

Clash With Haaland Medals: Golden Boots!

Collecting Footballs will allow you to unlock special Clash With Haaland Event rewards, including Golden Boot Medals - this event’s currency that you can spend at the Trader’s Shop. Use your Golden Boot Medals to purchase the new Football Archer Queen Skin and the new Barbarian King Epic Equipment: Spiky Ball!

New Barbarian King Epic Hero Equipment: Spiky Ball:

This new Equipment causes the Hero to shoot a Spiky Ball which smashes between buildings. The upgrade cost for this Equipment is the same as the previous epic Equipment in the Blacksmith Building.

Here are some stats for you:

LevelHero DPS IncreaseHero Hitpoints IncreaseProjectile DamageNumber of TargetsBlacksmith Level

Clash With Haaland Event Rewards

Amount of FootballsFree RewardsEvent Pass Rewards
100100 Golden Boots20 Glowy Ore
30015% Training Boost500 Golden Boots
6001000 Shiny Ore20 Glowy Ore
1000Giant Thrower1050 Golden Boots
1500150 Golden Boots30 Glowy Ore
200030% Training Boost500 Golden Boots
25001200 Shiny Ore30 Glowy Ore
3000Yellow Card Spell1050 Golden Boots
3500350 Golden Boots40 Glowy Ore
400015 Glowy Ore500 Golden Boots
47501300 Shiny Ore40 Glowy Ore
550015 Glowy Ore10 Starry Ore
6250400 Golden Boots60 Glowy Ore
700030 Glowy OreVictory Milk deco
77501500 Shiny Ore60 Glowy Ore
8500100 Glowy Ore15 Starry Ore
9250450 Golden Boots70 Glowy Ore
1000045 Glowy Ore600 Golden Boots
11000500 Golden Boots70 Glowy Ore
12000150 Shiny Ore20 Starry Ore
13000550 Golden Boots80 Glowy Ore
1400045 Glowy Ore800 Golden Boots
15000600 Golden Boots80 Glowy Ore
16000Football Camp Deco35 Starry Ore

Bonus Reward Track!

Once you’ve completed the Clash With Haaland reward track, there’ll be an additional bonus track where you can earn additional rewards. This bonus reward track unlocks only once you’ve completed the entire free reward track.

Additional Football CollectedBonus Reward
1000130 Golden Boots
2000130 Golden Boots
4000130 Golden Boots
6000130 Golden Boots
8000130 Golden Boots
11000130 Golden Boots
14000130 Golden Boots
17000130 Golden Boots
20000130 Golden Boots
24000130 Golden Boots
28000130 Golden Boots
32000130 Golden Boots

Trader Rewards!

See below the available rewards in the Trader which you can purchase by using the Golden Boots from the event - we have some juicy rewards for you including the new Football Archer Queen Skin and the new Barbarian King Hero Equipment: Spiky Ball!

ItemGolden Boots
Spiky Ball Epic Equipment3100
Football Archer Queen Skin4650
Starry Ore320
Glowy Ore280
Shiny Ore325
Deco #1: Trophy Ball1025
Deco #2: Golden Boot1025
Deco #3: Trophy Crown1025
Rune of Builder Elixir3100
Rune of Builder Gold3100
Rune of Elixir3100
Rune of Gold3100
Book of Spells1900
Book of Building1900
Book of Fighting1900
Book of Heroes1030
Shovel of Obstacles1030
Builder Potion590
Wall rings 5x515
Power Potion310
Research Potion250
Pet Potion250
Builder Star Jar200
Resource Potion240
Clocktower Potion150
Training Potion50
Haaland House Roof515
Haaland House Deco515
Haaland House Walls515
Haaland House Ground515
Gold 90K15
Elixir 90K15

Clash ON!