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Clash of Clans — Jun 28, 2022

New Optional Update

Hey Chiefs! We have a new optional update rolling out to the app stores, and it includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed a crash caused by loading into the Builder Base when there are Builders working in the Forge, plus other random crashes when launching the game on certain devices

  • Fixed a crash on next raid after being on background for a while

  • Fixed invisible builders in Forge when returning from Builder Base

  • Fixed "Boost Builders" text scaling in Forge UI

  • Fixed "Sold Out" text scaling in Trader UI

  • Fixed Trader menu Free Item background staying green after sold out

  • Clan page will no longer open when clicking Builder menu in Capital map screen

  • Due to the new scenery randomizer feature, players below Town Hall level 14 were able to load the default TH14 Jungle scenery; this has now been rectified.

For the best Clashing experience, we recommend updating to this latest version as soon as it's available on your app store!

iOs version: 14.635.6

Google Play and Amazon: 14.635.5

Clash On!