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Clash of Clans — Apr 14, 2021

Optional Update v14.0.4​

Hi Chief!

Edit 15/4: the optional update is now live on all app stores with the version number 14.0.4

* * *

We hope you're enjoying the new update so far! Thank you for all your feedback and reports on our social media pages!

We have released an optional update that is currently rolling out to all app stores, and includes a bunch of fixes:

  • Fixed the missing Miner health bars

  • Fix for background audio (music, podcasts) being stopped on game launch

  • Fixed missing Book of Everything button from Pet upgrade

  • Fix Pet sorting to match Pet House in player profile

  • Fix Pet sorting to match Pet House in army screen

  • Fixed sleeping Pet being visible in Builder Base

  • Fixed Builder Base troop special ability icon in upgrade screen

  • Fix Pet icon update in army screen on healing Heroes

  • Hide Pets in War scouting

  • Fix an Android bug which could manifest in a crash for players with a high number of SCID friends or in other instances.

  • Fix for X86 Chromebooks and some other devices crashing on launch

  • Plus multiple UI layout/ visual fixes!

Already fixed in yesterday's maintenance:

  • Fix a bug where progress can wrongly be credited towards O.T.T.O tasks

  • "Rebuild Clan Castle" task in Starter Challenges could wrongly be completed by attacking a player who had already repaired their Clan Castle

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to assign L.A.S.S.I to Hero, when the Pet House was being initially built.

Also note, the account switch workflow has changed a little bit in this update, so if you're having issues switching to your non-Supercell ID account, please try the following: go to in-game Settings - Supercell ID - SCID Settings - Log Out. You should then see the option to Play Without Supercell ID, and switch to your alt account!

We recommend that you update to this latest version for the best Clash experience!

Clash On!