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Clash of Clans — Feb 15, 2022

Bonus Quality Of Life Update (Now Live!)

Hey Chief,

It’s the start of a new year and we wanted to kick off 2022 with a bang! We’ve got quite a few quality of life improvements the team has been working on, and they’re just about ready to be released.

We want to draw extra special attention to how these improvements are being released. Due to various technical requirements, we will be staggering the release in varying countries over a period of multiple days. Rest assured, everyone will receive the same content and quality of life changes in Clash of Clans. We only request your patience as we roll out these changes.

Quality of Life Improvements

Rather than wax eloquently with long texts, like cooking recipes you find online where they tell their life story before getting to the heart of the content, we’ll just spare you the anecdotes and dive straight in since we’ve got a few things to cover.

Heroes Extra Life

Players have been able to pre-train a second Army for quite some time, but one of the biggest obstacles is having to wait for your Heroes to heal until you can attack again. In order to allow you to jump right back into battle again, we’ve added a new feature: Extra Life for Heroes.

When a Hero returns from battle to the Home Village after taking damage, the Extra Life health is used towards healing these battle-worn champions. For example:

  • If a Hero has 50% Health left at the end of an attack and the Extra Life bar is at 100%, then that Hero is fully healed and the Extra Life bar is reduced to 50%.

  • If a Hero is reduced to 0% Health and the Extra Life bar is 100% full, then the Hero will be fully healed and the Extra Life bar is reduced to 0%.

  • If a Hero is reduced to 0% and the Extra Life bar is 50% full, then the Hero is healed 50% and the Extra Life bar is reduced to 0%.

Additional information about the Hero Extra Life feature:

  • Heroes first heal their health. Once their health is 100%, then the Extra Life bar will begin to regenerate.

  • The rate of Extra Life regeneration from 0% to 100% is the same amount of time it takes a Hero to fully heal.

  • This only affects the recovery of Heroes after attacks and does not affect a Hero’s maximum health during an attack.

  • The Extra Life is shown as a heart icon next to the Hero’s HP indicator. When the Extra Life is fully regenerated to 100% it will display a heart icon with a “+1”.

Clan UI Changes

  • Leaders and Co-Leaders can see approximately how recently Clan Members have logged on to the game. Please note this information is only accurate to the nearest day and anything longer than 7 days will state “over a week ago”.

  • When viewing a Clan’s profile, there are options to sort the viewing order of Clan members. The sorting options are:

    • Most Trophies

    • Highest Town Hall level

    • Role

    • Last active date - available only to Leader and Co-Leaders of that Clan

    • Most Troops donated - viewable only by Clan members

    • Most Troops received - viewable only by Clan members

    • Highest XP level

  • An icon denoting a player’s Town Hall level will be displayed by each member in your Clan’s profile.

    • This icon will replace the player’s XP level shown in the Clan profile.

    • Additionally, sorting Clan members by highest XP level will display the members’ levels again.

Balance Changes

  • Electro Dragon’s movement speed has been increased from 1.5 to 1.6 tiles per second.

  • Battle Blimp destruction damage has been decreased from 1000/1200/1400/1400 to 700/800/900/1000 per level.

  • Flame Flinger has been reworked with the following changes:

    • Will now shoot a burst of 3 separate Fire Spirits instead of a single projectile consisting of 3 Fire Spirits.

    • Damage per attack has been increased from 675/725/775/825 to 675/750/825/900 per level.

    • Splash damage from indirect hits has been decreased.

    • Max fire DPS decreased per level from 180/200/220/240 to 120/140/160/180.

    • Fire damage will ramp up much more quickly.

    • Lifetime has been slightly reduced.

    • AI has been balanced to be more reliable.

AI Changes

  • Limit the randomness in attack position selection of ground troops if the target is in close proximity.

  • Remove targeting randomness from Siege Machines.

  • Forced retargeting for units when a nearby unit is attacked will no longer occur if the attacker is too far away for the unit to react.

  • Pet AI improved to prevent it from getting stuck in a retarget loop.

Clan Games Changes

  • When a Clan Games Challenge is completed, the completion notification now has a “New Challenge” button that allows you to open the Clan Games menu and select a new Challenge regardless if you’re in the Home Village or Builder Base.

Music/Sound Slider

Due to popular demand, adjusting the volume of the in-game music and sounds can be controlled using the new sliders. Perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve listened to the in-game tunes so why not give them a chance, enjoy the nostalgia, and farm some loot!

Gold Pass Change

Who hasn’t accidentally donated Troops using Gems just after their Gold Pass has expired, or just after renewing it, only to find out too late that you hadn’t unlocked the 1-Gem Troop Donation perk yet? It happens to the best of us so we’ve added something to hopefully prevent that unnecessary pain.

If you have an active Gold Pass but haven’t unlocked the 1-Gem Donation perk yet, when donating Troops a warning message will remind you that donating a Troop will cost more than 1-Gem.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when opening Clan War history too quickly after opening the War log.

  • Disabled the ability to cancel building upgrades during the initial game tutorial as it would cause players to get stuck and unable to complete the tutorial.

  • Siege Barracks troops will not spawn within Walls in case Tornado Trap pushes Siege Barracks towards a Wall.

  • Troops affected by Shrink Trap will not have HP reduced.

  • Fixed an issue where Battle Blimp could get stuck in the air near an enemy Town Hall during a battle.

  • Show correct DPS in Super Dragon info screen

Additional Changes

  • Support for Facebook Friends has been removed.