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Clash of Clans — 2021年12月6日

QueeN Walkers Interview after the World Championship FINALS 2021

This article is a translation. The original is here.


How did it feel, coming in second place?

Well, it's pretty disappointing. Not being able to win in the final round, and coming in second place again this year. I'm feeling really frustrated.

In your opinion,what is the difference between last year's second place and this year's?

Last year, ATN was just so much stronger than the rest, so much so that everyone watching could tell that they would take the first place. As a result, I ended up beaten pretty badly, and I could mostly understand walking away in second place. But this year, ATN was knocked out on the first day, and the feeling all around was that QueeN Walkers would end up taking the championship, but we ended up not being able to. That is what is so frustrating this time around.

Reflecting on their personal score

Personally, my teammates are hard to counter, and I only used a particular strategy myself. Therefore, their counter was so harsh to me. However, with these strategies, and knowing that I’m a world class players, I felt I would be able to win, but in the end, there were a number of places where we should have tested things out at least one more time to adjust things a little better, to take things to maybe 94 or 95%.

It was less about getting caught in traps and more that there were many points where if I had just considered things a little bit more, we would have won, and that's truly frustrating.

From here on, I'm going to practice in Legend League and in versus mode, and improve my own skills.

When you were able to achieve total destruction of your opponent's base, you struck a pose; what is the meaning behind that pose?

It's something I did while I wondered about what size the screen was. It wasn't so much a pose as something I did because I had the time. The camera happened to be at just the right angle.

What will you use the prize money on?

I'm thinking of using it to buy a new iPhone or iPad so that I can play CoC under really good conditions.

Do you want to be part of the same team next year?

Are you asking me? I want to take this current team and aim to be the world's best team next year.

Please leave a comment for the fans who have supported you for the past year.

I was the first attacker of my team up, and I think that my matches might have been the most thrilling ones for the viewers, but thank you all for watching and supporting us for the three days of the tournament! We're planning on being the world champions next year, so it would make us really happy if you supported us again this coming year. Thank you all so very much.


What are your thoughts when you look back on this year's World Championships?

This year, things felt kind of awkward at first, getting knocked out during the first rounds in the first couple of months, but we had a lot of strategy meetings, and after that we were able to break through in one shot. We did better this time compared to when we lost last year, but it's just as frustrating this time as it was back then.

Are you as frustrated this year as you were last year?

No, I'm even more frustrated this year. To be honest, we've had a pretty easy time winning the tournaments outside of the World Championships, and going up in the ranks. But last year, while we were able to accept getting 2nd place due to just how strong ATN was, this year it felt like we would be able to take the first place, so this year it's so much more frustrating than last year.

You mentioned having meetings even though things felt awkward, but what kinds of things did you discuss?

Normally we don't really have serious discussions about what's going to be coming up, but this time we discussed how and what we would be practicing, and how we were going to prepare our bases..

If you end up taking part in next year's World Championships, do you want to do it with the same teammates?

Yes. We've all been on the same team since Yuta-san was announced as being in the World Championships, so there's no way I'd leave until we take the top spot.

What were you feeling when you got the 1 star result?

The thing I felt most was regret. It was the biggest mistake made during the tournament, and if we had won, we would have had a 1 victory advantage, so I really felt like I had dropped the ball on that one.

In the next match up, you were able to achieve 3 stars. How did you feel then?

I felt that dwelling on the previous match wouldn't really help, so I decided to just go and do what I normally do.

What will you use the prize money on?

I'm going to the US next year, so I'm going to use this to help pay for the trip.

Please give us a comment for the fans who have supported you for the past year.

Thank you all so much for using the #QWWIN hashtag and your comments to support the QueeN Walkers. Next year, we're going to take the championship.


What are your thoughts when you look back on the tournament?

What I was going to say has already been said, but we were able to win the big tournaments on the path to the World Championships, so not being able to deliver in the final moments is really frustrating.

Was J.X Tiger very strong?

All of the members of J.X Tiger have a high number of trophies in the Legend League, so even though we were able to secretly prepare our box base this time, it wasn't enough to counter them and their experience in the Legend Leagues, and it doesn't feel like we were able to put up much of a defense.

Do you think you'll win next time?

We'll win next time. We'll be sure to be ready. (lol)

What will you use the prize money on?

Put it into savings.

Please give us a comment for the fans who have supported you for the past year.

Thank you for supporting us all the way to the end. We're going to take the championship next year, so please keep supporting us until then!


I believe that you joined the team last year, and that this is your second World Championship tournament. How has the past year been?

Last year, we took second place, which was frustrating, but I was also happy with it in my own way. But this time, I feel more frustration than happiness, since we were capable of winning. The parts I was happy about last year, I feel frustrated at this time, because I feel like I've grown in the past year. I feel like it's a sign of how hard I've worked this past year.

In the match against Tribe Gaming, you were just barely unable to get 3 stars against them. Was that frustrating?

Yes, I thought that I would be able to get 3 stars against them, but I made a mistake, which was really frustrating to me.

What did you use last year's winnings on?

I didn't really use it on anything. I put it into savings. I'm going to do the same with this year's winnings.

Please give us a comment for the fans who have supported you for the past year.

Thank you for supporting the QueeN Walkers, especially during the World Championships. Your support really gave us the strength to fight on. I believe that we will definitely win the championship next year, so please keep supporting us!

Reflecting on this past year

We took second place last year, and were able to see the path to being the best in the world during the finals, but in the end, we are the second best in the world, so I don't think the path itself was wrong. But the results are still unfortunate.

Second best in the world last year, and this year as well. What do you think is the reason you weren't able to reach the first place spot this year?

We weren't really able to decide on counters to J.X Tiger before the tournament, and our main concern was ATN. When we played against the relatively unknown J.X Tiger, whose players are amazingly skilled, we didn't really have any counters, so our match up had us effectively defenseless. Meanwhile, information on how to counter us was flowing like water, so based just on preparation, I feel like J.X Tiger was definitely more ready than us. But in the end, it feels like we were handed a skill-based loss.

It seems like you need a staff on the team to gather information on the other teams that are taking part in the World Championships, but what do you think?

It isn't as if we don't have anyone doing that for us. Our base builder is from China, so we did have some information on J.X Tiger since they're a Chinese team, but there's so many things you can't know until you actually face someone in a match. So when we faced them in the final round, I could just feel how strong they are. Watching a match and playing in the same match are not the same thing, and this was definitely on a whole different level.

QueeN Walkers took part in a lot of tournaments, making it fairly easy to counter your strategies. Despite that, you managed to take second place, which seems truly amazing. How do you feel right now?

The way I felt last year, when we took second place, and taking second place this year feels completely different. Last year was our second year making it to the semi-finals from the best 8, and we were within inches of winning first place. This year, we had last year's second place win in our books, and we were fairly well prepared, so it felt like 2nd place and the semi-finals would just be a quick stop on the way to first place. And so right now, I feel 0% happiness, 80% sadness, and 20% sense of loss.

You don't seem to be happy at all to be in second place. Could you please give us a comment for the fans who supported the QueeN Walkers?

First, thank you all for supporting us! For three years running, we've had the spotlight here in Japan, and we've received messages from people who don't normally play CoC, from folks who play other games, and even non-gamers. We can feel the attention in our bones, and it motivated us, even during normal matches.

But we've openly pledged to become the best in the world, and worked constantly to do so, so I'm very sorry that we haven't done so yet. We're truly happy for the support you've given us up until now, and we hope that everyone will continue to support us. Thank you very much!

What about 2022?

We're going to take the championship!