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Clash Royale — Mar 19, 2022

Creator Spotlight: Diddy

  • Can you introduce yourself to the players?

Hey everyone! I’m Diddy, 18, and I’m from New York, USA.

I’m currently attending college while making daily YouTube content.

Way back when I was 10, I started playing Clash of Clans with my dad.

This sparked a major interest in Supercell games which led me to find MOLT, who was posting Clash Royale.

I downloaded Royale when I was 12, right when it was globally launched, and have been hooked ever since.

  • How long have you been creating content and when do you stream?

I have been creating content since I was 12, so over 6 years!

I’ve always had a passion for gaming, so I made sure to do everything I could to take my channel to the next level.

I post content daily on my YouTube channel, generally around 11am EST and I Livestream Sundays at 10am EST!

  • What do you particularly enjoy in Clash Royale?

I love how every single battle is a new experience, and being able to share my love for the game with my audience is super important to me.

The intense overtime matches never cease to amaze me!

  • What is your current favorite card to play and why?

My favorite card is the Goblin Barrel.

Not only is it the star of the show in log bait [which is my favorite deck archetype], but I believe it’s a super unique and fun card.

By being able to be placed anywhere in the Arena, I think it holds so much outplay potential.

  • What's your best Clash Royale memory so far?

One of my best memories in Clash Royale happened in the recent Rage Global Tournament, where I achieved my most wins ever… 21!

This was not only a huge accomplishment for me, but reaching it live in front of my fans was next-level hype!

  • Any tips or advice for players


The most important advice I would give to anyone playing Clash Royale is to play what is most enjoyable to you.

Sometimes instead of facing the stresses of mid-ladder, I play in tournaments to test new best decks.

There was a point where I cared too much about ladder and because of this, I was unreasonably frustrated with the game.

Clashing should always be fun!

  • What's your favorite video you've made to date?

The video below is one of my favorite videos I have made where I went in-depth on how to quickly start winning more Clash Royale games.

I was super happy to see so many people who found this video incredibly helpful.

  • What is your creator code?

My creator code you can use in ANY supercell game shop is


Any support is greatly appreciated.

  • What's next for you?

I can’t say fully what I am working on, but I have big plans for some community-based Clash Royale videos that have never been done before, so stay tuned!

  • Anything else you'd like to say?

I do want to mention to anyone interested in becoming more involved with my community or even wants to chat with me to join the San Nation discord server.

I am proud to say we have mods online 24/7 to keep chat family-friendly, and we are one of the most active Clash Royale discord servers!

We're averaging well over 50,000 messages a week.

By joining, you can find new clanmates, ask others to trade cards, play 2v2 battles, or even 1v1 others!

Join Here!

You can support Diddy by using the code "DIDDY" in the shop, and by following him on: