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Clash Royale — Jan 20, 2022

Creator Spotlight: B-rad... is a dog?

  • Can you introduce yourself to the players?

Sure, of course! Cooper is a 1-year-old Sheltie living his best life with his biological dad.

  • No...wait... we mean the real you!

Oh, ok!

I'm Brad, a 22-year-old, full-time Canadian YouTuber and retired CRL pro.

I started playing the game almost on day 1. At the release, I was heavily invested in Boom Beach and Clash of Clans, so I knew I would enjoy this new Supercell game.

P.S. Nobody tell Cooper he's adopted; I don't think he could handle it.

  • How long have you been creating content/streaming?

My YouTube channel started while I was competing in CRL.

The Tribe fans during the first years of CRL were the reason why I was able to continue making content, and I couldn’t be more thankful to them.

This past August would have marked 3 years on YouTube.

  • What do you particularly enjoy in Clash Royale?

Watching my opponent's tears slowly drip down their face as my Elixir Golem Rage deck 3 crowns them.

Also, the depth that Clash Royale has. Contrary to popular belief, you can always outplay your opponent even with a bad matchup. Take it from me, I played Clash Royale competitively for years, and I still made mistakes. There is always room for improvement.

  • What is your current favorite card to play and why?

Hands down, Archer Queen.

The introduction of Champions and abilities revived my interest in Clash Royale to a level I never thought possible.

But watching a 1 elixir ability wipe the floor is also cool.

  • Any tips or advice for players


Just play what’s fun!

Don’t let anyone tell you that your Mega Knight triple Wizard deck is horrible.

You go right ahead! Unless it’s X-Bow, you’re not allowed to play that

  • What's your favorite video you've made to date?

In my 3 years of streaming Clash Royale, Chat has roasted every single misplay I've made.

That's when it hit me.

What if those same people could snipe me in an open Global Tournament?

Results were expected.

  • What is your creator code?

My Creator Code is "BRAD"!

  • What's next for you?

I have something very special planned for my 500k subscriber video. Without going too much into detail, I bought a crossbow.

You can support B-rad by using the code BRAD in the shop, and by following him on: