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Clash Royale — Jul 12, 2021

Creator Spotlight: SirTag!

  • Hey SirTag! Can you introduce yourself to the players?

Hey! I’m Jake aka SirTag! I’m a 24-year-old YouTuber, college student, and mobile gaming athlete! I grew up on Martha’s Vineyard and currently live in Boston, USA.

My brother introduced me to Clash Royale while we were on vacation, and I said that there was NO way that I’d play it for more than a week. Naturally, a week later I was higher than him in trophies and as an incorrigible, dirty gemmer... I’ve been playing CR every day since!

  • What’s your favourite thing about Clash Royale?

The fact that in seconds, you can jump right into an in-depth strategy game, competing against people all over the world, while learning and exploring millions of different interactions and placements – all with just your phone!

  • What’s your current favourite card and why?

I have a lot of fun playing the Furnace right now! Fire spirits never die no matter what cards try to finish them off.

  • What’s your best memory in Clash Royale?

Playing live on stage in Kings Cup 2, where I was lucky enough to qualify by going undefeated in a tournament with the best players from all over the world! It was one of the happiest moments of my life.

  • What’s the best video you made in your opinion?

One of my favourite videos was a recent one on Sparky! Was really proud of the editing and felt this was one of my best videos yet.

  • Do you have tips or advice for players?

Focus on having fun! There’s limitless potential of decks to play, lots of free weekly challenges, and plenty of new friendly casual game modes to play with others!

  • Can you share any new ideas for Clash Royale videos you are working on?

I’m working hard on my top 5 best decks in Clash Royale series! After consulting with many top pros and playing in the meta for a month, I make a top 5 best deck video every 3 months for each set of balance changes.

I’m always looking for new ideas and improvements, and I spend an hour reading and replying to YouTube comments every day, so hit me up if there’s anything cool y’all think of!

  • Anything else you want to say?

Clash Royale completely changed my life, and I’m still shocked at how lucky I am to be able to do what I love every single day.

I appreciate everyone who is supporting my YouTube dreams. Whether you’re a 1st-time viewer or been here since day 1, I love y’all <3

You can support SirTag by using the code sirtag in the shop, and by following him on: