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Clash Royale — Nov 24, 2020

Fantasy Royale - 2020 CRL World Finals!

Fantasy Royale is back at it for the 2020 Clash Royale League World Finals!

Get a FREE EMOTE and compete for GOLD by simply playing Fantasy Royale 👊👊

Starting Nov 24 - Dec 5, create a fantasy team inside the esports tab for your chance to win up to 100,000 Gold and qualify for a FREE EMOTE!

You must create a Fantasy Royale team before Dec 5 12pm (UTC+8), aka before the World Finals broadcast goes live, in order to qualify for the FREE EMOTE and the chance to compete for Gold rewards.

  • Check the World Finals countdown timer, regional broadcast times & more info


  • For players in the Americas, note the timezone difference! The CRL World Finals take place on Dec 4 and 5 (8pm PST/11pm EST/10pm CST) and Dec 5 and 6 (1am BRT)

What is Fantasy Royale?

Scoring & Rewards

The goal: collect the most amount of Crowns possible.

How do I collect Crowns?

  • Select 4 CRL players to make up your fantasy team.

  • You'll get Crowns whenever a player from your fantasy team scores a Crown during the CRL World Finals.

Who gets rewards?

All Fantasy Royale players will get a FREE EMOTE just for playing!

What's the prize pool?

The top Crown scores will earn Gold, with the following prize pool distribution:

  • Top score: 100,000 Gold

  • Top 2-5 scores: 25,000 Gold

  • Top 6-10 scores: 10,000 Gold

The prize distribution means the top 10 SCORES will earn Gold. For example, there could be thousands of players that get the #1 top score, meaning they'll all get 100,000 Gold each.

NOTE: Gold rewards will be delivered shortly after the CRL World Finals are over! It could take a few days, so please be patient!

The 2020 Clash Royale League World Finals will take place LIVE in Shanghai on December 5th and 6th at 12pm local Chinese Standard Time.

  • Dec 4th and 5th (8pm PST/11pm EST/10pm CST)

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See you in the CRL World Finals Arena,

The Clash Royale Team